dogs of the dow

Dogs of the Dow: Investing Strategy Explained

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at one of the simplest but most effective investing strategies out there: the Dogs of the Dow. But before we get down to the nitty gritty, let’s start with a quick recap on dividends. Dogs of the Dow Background: Dividends You may already know the basics … Read more

Motley Fool Ultimate Buy Alert (Revealed)

If you have spent much time researching stocks on the internet, you have most likely come across advertisements for the Motley Fool and the Motley Fool Ultimate Buy. These advertisements highlight different services and promotions from the Motley Fool… …but they all revolve around recommending stocks with growth potential. Some of the ads are labeled … Read more

Best Stock Newsletter of the Last 5 Years

My team and I here at WallStreetSurvivor subscribe to dozens of stock advice newsletters. For the last 10 years we have diligently traded the recommendations of each newsletter in a dedicated virtual trading account. This allows us to monitor the overall performance of all of these stock picking services and provide the results to our … Read more

Best Stock Picking Service

When it comes to investing, everyone is trying to get an edge, whether they admit it or not. The stock market is both the greatest wealth-generating tool in the world, and it is a potential black hole where you can lose an obscene amount of money in an instant. In order to get ahead, many … Read more

Is Motley Fool a Pump and Dump?

The internet is responsible for some of the most innovative tools investors have ever had. Where else could you acquire instant access to all financial data for a company you are researching? In just a few seconds, you can have… The annual report for a prospective investment over the last ten years; Their current stock … Read more

Stock Market for Beginners 2020

Today, we’re breaking down the stock market – for beginners. The stock market is one of the most over-complicated concepts, and so many people treat it like an impossibly hard to understand subject. But it’s really not. We’re here to show you that today. So let’s start from the beginning. What is a Stock? Imagine … Read more

The First Stock Everyone Should Buy

No, this isn’t clickbait. We truly believe this type of stock is the first stock everyone should buy, and hold as the base of their portfolio. You’re about to be let in on a tried and true investing secret, so keep reading! First Stock: The Secret One of the most daunting tasks for new investors … Read more

Best Stock Investment & Research Sites 2021

With over 10,000 stocks listed in the U.S., it is impossible to research them all and find timely, accurate and valuable information. Thankfully, there are many investment and stock research sites that are available to the average investor. In fact, with the internet there are now too many stock market websites to follow. So that … Read more

Stock Market Terminology: Investing Terms to Know

At Wall Street Survivor, we say no to unnecessary financial jargon. Stock market terminology is made out to be way too complicated, and we understand how frustrating it can be for beginning investors. When I was a beginner investor, I would spend hours and hours reading through articles on investing websites and watching the latest … Read more