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You’ll be surprised on how what you do and use on a daily basis can impact the stock market. Here’s some categories of stocks that you can use to build your own portfolio. Practice what you’ve learned with our free stock market simulation!



Stocks by Interest

Travel Stocks

Do you like to travel? From airlines to cruise ships, these stocks are going places.

Tech Stocks

The internet is taking over. Make sure you profit off of it with these technology and internet of things stocks.

Sport Stocks

Sports stocks are the best way to invest in the games we love to play and watch.

Retail Stocks

Retail stocks live and die by the consumers’ hands. Margins might not be the best but these stocks can grow quickly.

Media Stocks

Exciting, new content is probably the number one driver!

Kids Stocks

These kids stocks will help you relive your childhood. Having kids costs money and these companies take it.

Health Stocks

The dominance of health stocks should continue for many years.

Games Stocks

Game stocks, like the number of Internet and mobiles users, are climbing their way to the top this year.

Food Stocks

Before we get our hands on the food we eat, it must first go through a farming, processing and distributing chain.

Finance Stocks 

Bank stocks may be among the hardest to analyze – but you can make a whole lot of money via money stocks.

Fashion Stocks

Fashion and clothing stocks can be extremely lucrative if properly researched.

Education Stocks

Educational technology is taking over. Don’t miss out on these superstar education stocks.

Commodities Stocks

Hard commodities, soft commodities…simply put, they’re the raw materials people use to create a habitable world.

Cars Stocks

Cruise your way through Wall Street with these car stocks.