Free Stock Market Game

  1. Create your own contest for your class or club, or join one of our Monthly Contests and compete for your share of $2,000 in prizes.
  2. Take our free courses and learn to build a stock portfolio.
  3. Practice investing before risking your real money!

Learn to Invest and Practice Stock Trading

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Get $100,000 in Virtual Cash

Learn about the stock market with our free courses and then practice what you are learning with a $100,000 virtual portfolio. Create your own contest, invite your friends and classmates, and put your trading skills to the test.

Real Prizes to be Won Each Month

In addition to your own practice portfolio, join our monthly competitions. Trade your way to the top to win real cash prizes, eBooks and subscriptions.

Connect with thousands of traders worldwide. Interact with traders with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Learn the strategies behind their trades. Become a better investor!

Win money by competing in leagues with our Stock Market Simulator

Here’s what our users say:

“I want to thank you for offering this free tool to make me smarter. Your stock market simulation is so much fun and I’ve learn a lot. THANK YOU!!!” – Joana S.

“What a great website! My whole family is now involved in learning how to trade stocks!. Thank you so much for putting it together and the great prizes!” – Ella U.

3 thoughts on “Free Stock Market Game”

  1. I tried this in the past and will always have an interest in business, financial, stock market games if there are other new or different ones to try. I would appreciate other people’s recommendations and possible inclusion in contests or groups. Thank you.

  2. i am 38 years of age, ive had an interest in investing in the stock market in my early 20s, young and naive, never graduated high school, hence therefore figured i didnt or dont have the education to follow through with investing. Learning how to use youtube and google has peaked my interest in investing yet again. much to learn, kinda feel like i might be in over my head. i will continue my research and may try this practice investing game, hence there for it is free
    wish me luck


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