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Moby App Review: Simple & Straightforward Stock Picks

Investing is complex.

From researching individual companies and customizing your portfolio to staying on top of the latest developments in the stock market and the global economy, there’s an endless supply of information you need to know.

It’s almost impossible to stay on top of it all.

Even legendary investors like Warren Buffett, Bill Ackman, and Michael Burry can’t manage it all on their own, which is why each of them pays countless analysts to do most of the heavy lifting for them. All that’s left to do is read their team’s analysis and make decisions.

And now, with Moby, you can also “outsource” your investment research to your own team of analysts.

Moby’s team spends hundreds of hours each week sifting through financial news and consolidates their findings to keep you up-to-date on what’s moving the markets. And, for premium members, they also provide investment ideas and easy-to-read research reports to help you build and grow your investment portfolio.

So are Moby’s stock picks any good? After interviewing the CEO and the CFO, and then doing my own analysis on their picks since they started, I came up with the following summary of the last 4 years of their picks, as of March 29, 2024 prices:

Moby Premium Stock Pick performance as of April 2024

That is quite impressive that:

  • EVERY year their picks are beating the market,
  • that the average beat is 12% over the last 4 years over 390 picks,
  • and that 72% of their picks are profitable.

But is Moby the right platform for you? Let’s find out.

What is Moby?

Moby is a market-research platform for stock and crypto investors.

Instead of providing you with basic news articles and company updates (like every other site), Moby creates exclusive research and analysis so you can understand what’s happening in the markets and why. Every article is extremely easy to read.

Market headlines on research and investing
Moby (In-app) Market Headlines

In addition to its market summaries, Moby also curates research reports with investment ideas. Each report focuses on one company and covers the team’s reasons for making the recommendation and a price target for the pick. Each report takes ~5 minutes to read and, although the team uses both fundamental and technical analysis, are beginner friendly.

It also publishes educational content around emerging technologies and new trends. For instance, I learned a lot about Web 3.0 from a series of articles they published.

While Moby does have a website you can go to, Moby was built to be mobile-first, and its app is the best way to use the service.

Moby Stock Picks

At the heart of Moby Premium are its stock picks.

Stock pick outlines
Moby Stock Picks

Moby took expert analysts from institutions like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs and paired them with journalists who know how to distill complex financial jargon into easily-comprehensible and actionable advice.

In addition to its own research, the team also deploys machine learning and quantitative algorithms to find investment ideas.

Moby 2023 Top 5 Picks Returned:

  • NVDA: 523%
  • ELF: 258%
  • PLTR: 274%
  • META: 197%
  • MOR: 124%

Beyond the latest 2023 picks (last year), this system has made a number of exceptional picks:

  • MicroStrategy, picked 9/9/2020, up 836%
  • Tesla, picked on 4/9/20, is up 388%
  • Texas Pacific Land Corp, picked on 3/20/20, is up 324%
  • Nvidia, picked on 5/18/20, is up 991%
  • Eli, picked 1/18/2020, is up 453%
  • Elf Beauty, picked on 2/3/22, is up 409%

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s a screenshot of some of its other picks:

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From their own webpage, that show this: Last Updated – December 21, 2023

Breakdown of 2023 top stock picks
Breakdown of Moby’s 2023 Stock Picks (last updated – December 2023)

Moby’s goal is to outperform the market. That outperformance should more than pay for the annual subscription.

Moby’s stock picks are beating the S&P500 by 11.9% over the past 4 years now!

As mentioned above, each new trade alert comes with a short but thorough report on what makes it a good investment opportunity. Each of these reports also comes in an audio format, so you can listen to it on your commute:

Investment Audio Stock Reports
Example of Audio Stock Reports

The team publishes 3 new picks per week.

Model Portfolios

Moby also provides several model portfolios so you can get started investing right away (without waiting for new stock picks to come out). Each model portfolio is based on a different investing strategy.

The four model portfolios are:

  • Flagship – Moby’s Flagship Portfolio aims to outperform the market by primarily investing in undervalued technology companies.
  • Dividend – The goal is to build a portfolio of 10 high dividend paying stocks with sustainable earnings and dividends.
  • Offshore – The goal is to find the world’s best growth businesses in emerging markets (like China, Brazil, Colombia, South Korea, Taiwan, and more).
  • ESG – The ESG portfolio is focused on investing in companies that reflect your values.

Based on my experience, each of these portfolios tends to buy and sell a few stocks per month. If you’re using one of these portfolios, be sure to check your notifications for new trade alerts.

For example, this month’s Flagship portfolio has 4 entirely new stocks than it held last month (pictured above).

Additional Features:

1. Political Trades

Nancy Pelosi and her husband made headlines in 2022 after a series of excellent (and suspiciously well-timed) investments made the pair millions of dollars. Since then, investors have started paying much closer attention to the portfolios of senators and other members of Congress.

It’s no secret that politicians are privy to non-public information which could materially affect markets or specific sectors of the economy.

Moby makes it easy to track the latest trading activity of all major politicians with its “Political Trades” tool. The tool holds short reports on the politician who made the trade and the trade itself.

Political Stock Trading Apps
Politcal Stock Trading Notifications

If politicians are selling off your favorite stock, it might be time to reevaluate that position. If they’re buying up a stock in a beaten-down industry, there may be a catalyst for growth in the near future.

2. Asset Lookup

For a quick look at a stock’s price chart, you can head into the app’s Asset Lookup tool.

The tool also provides links to all of the Moby reports which mention the stock in question. It’s the fastest way to gauge the team’s sentiment about any specific stock.

3. Economic Calendar

The next Fed meeting, inflation reports, jobless claims, spending data, building permits, GDP updates – there are a lot of economic events to stay on top of.

Earnings and economic calendar tracker
Earnings & Economic Calendar Tracker

Not only does Moby aggregate all of the past and upcoming events onto a timeline, it also provides summaries and recaps of what happened at those events. This is the simplest and fastest way to stay abreast of changes in the economy.

All your friends and coworkers will wonder how you know so much.

4. Crypto Screener

The crypto screener allows you to filter and sort by more than 480 cryptocurrencies to find potential investments.

You can track each coin’s market capitalization, current price, day’s change, total volume, and more.

5. Investment Course

Moby also offers a 5-part investment education course designed for people who are new to investing in the stock market.

The course covers investing in different types of assets (like stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, and commodities), how taxes work, and how to build a portfolio based on your financial goals and risk tolerance.

In all, the course takes around 3 hours to complete, but it will fast-track your financial acumen.

6. New Features

While not yet released, Moby is working on a handful of other features which will make it even more of a complete offering.

Some new features include:

  • In-App Trading: Soon, you’ll be able to receive your expert analysis and execute trades without ever leaving the Moby app.
  • Portfolio Linking: Moby is also developing a tool to link your existing portfolio to the app so you can get personalized notifications about your positions based on the team’s research.
  • Financial Advisory: Everyone needs some personalized financial advice from time to time, which is why Moby is working to integrate a way to connect with financial advisors 1:1.

Though these features aren’t live yet, I’ve been told that current users will be grandfathered into access to these features at today’s prices and will pay a lot less than future members.

There is much too unpack with Moby, especially as a newcomer in the space of investment tools. A key comparison to how one should use Moby is with the likes of Seeking Alpha, giving everyday investment decisions with unique insights into the market.

See for yourself on our Moby vs. Seeking Alpha article on which platform has better features for your portfolio strategy, learning more about each so you can equip yourself with the necessary tools for success.

Moby Pricing and Plans

Moby provides a lot of exceptional content for free (which is why it’s being used by over 5 million investors), but the bulk of its value (investment, model portfolios, and more) is only accessible with a Premium subscription.

Moby Premium costs $199 per year, but WSS readers can get their first year for just $99 through our link below.

Moby is currently offering 50% off for new subscribers.
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Remember: They have 30 day money back guarantee.

Each subscription comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk in trying it.

Who is Moby Best For?

Moby is best for beginners or anybody who wants to outsource their investment research (to save time and increase their returns).

The entire platform is easy-to-use, and every article and research report is jargon-free. That said, while the investment analysis is beginner-friendly, you should expect to learn things about what to look for in companies or what factors drive the economy. It’s almost impossible not to learn something from Moby’s team of experts.

Pros and Cons

Outsource your investment research to a team of expertsMore suited for intermediate investors, Moby simplifies decisions, offering guidance that may not cater to advanced investors seeking purely objective data.
Beginner-friendly investment analysis and market summariesMany investment ideas to choose from
High-quality investment ideas and model portfolios
Mobile-first platform

Summary: Moby Review

Two things really stand out to me about Moby.

Moby Stock Picks Premium Logo Tiny

First, the core of its Premium service is its team of experts. This team, which was assembled from hedge funds and Wall Street firms, is doing the heavy lifting.

You get to outsource some or all of your investment research to them for just $199 per year (or $99 through our link).

Second, it’s impossible to spend much time on Moby without noticing how simple everything is. The layout and user interface, the articles and research reports, the portfolios – everything is easy to use.

Compare Moby to Motley Fool, and see for yourself which tool you prefer for your investing utility belt.

When combined, this pair makes for a powerful tool to level up your investing and why I expect it to become the hub for hundreds of thousands of investors who want to grow their net worths for years to come.