Motley Fool Epic Bundle intro

Motley Fool Epic Bundle Review: Is it Worth It?

The Motley Fool’s Epic Bundle is one of the Motley Fool’s newest stock recommendations services. Actually, it’s not really a new service but rather a combination of a few of their existing services. It includes their 2 most popular services, Motley Fool Stock Advisor and Motley Fool Rule Breakers, it includes their newest service, Everlasting … Read more

Motley Fool Stock Picks of 2021

The Motley Fool is one of the most well known stock research sites. And they have several of the most popular stock picking newsletters, “Stock Advisors” and “Rule Breakers.” To promote these stock newsletters, they make fantastic claims like the following: That ad says the Stock Advisor’s stock picks are up 680% as of November … Read more

Beginner Investing: 10 Steps to Start Investing the Right Way

I’ve spent the last 30 years of my life trying to help beginners learn to invest in the stock market. My main message is this:  Stop thinking about beginning to invest in stocks, stop talking about it, and just start investing now.  The sooner you get started, the better off you will be.  Start educating … Read more

Best Stock Newsletter of the Last 5 Years-(3)

*** NOW UPDATED AS OF JUNE 4, 2022 *** Investment newsletters make getting stock market analysis and stock recommendations easy. There are, however, so many stock and investment newsletters to choose from.  Some are relatively cheap at less than a few hundred dollars per year and some are priced in the thousands of dollars per … Read more