Stock Game / Virtual Exchange to Teach Investing 101

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The demystifiers of Wall Street

Here at Wall Street Survivor, we’re on a mission to demystify investing through interactive and comprehensive education.

Online financial education is typically very dry and full of jargon. It’s like an Investing 101 textbook thrown onto a web page. We believe online investing is fun, challenging and potentially very lucrative. And we want you to share in that fun and excitement. So we don’t just teach investing and personal finance topics by telling you how. We get you doing right away, by competing in virtual stock trading games.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of trading stocks, bonds, mutual funds, futures, currencies and options, as well as how to get your personal finances in order.

Jumping head first into the stock market can be scary. Wall Street Survivor turns that fear into fun, while preparing people for a successful financial future with our virtual stock exchange.


Wall Street Survivor allows you to get in the driver’s seat and manage your own fantasy stock portfolio while competing risk-free against friends and strangers.

Jargon-free courses, paired with the web’s best stock simulator, allow you to learn and practice trading stocks in a risk-free way.

After the experience and knowledge gained from playing Wall Street Survivor, you will have the skills to take charge of your financial future. You will have earned the training and practice needed to take an active roll in directing your retirement investments, your savings plans, 401(k) company plans, or your mutual fund investments. All the while, you play in highly entertaining contests and participate in a community of like-minded investors.