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What is Disability Insurance?

Title: Understanding Disability Insurance: Protecting Your Income and Financial Security Introduction: Disability insurance is a critical component of financial planning that provides protection against the risk of losing income due to a disability. Yet, many individuals are unaware of its importance or how it works. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what disability insurance … Read more

What are Workplace Benefits?

Title: Navigating Workplace Benefits: A Comprehensive Guide to Employee Benefits and Major Providers in the United States Introduction: Workplace benefits play a crucial role in attracting and retaining talent, promoting employee well-being, and ensuring financial security. From health insurance to retirement plans, employee benefits encompass a wide range of offerings provided by employers to their … Read more

How to Plan for Retirement

Title: Crafting Your Retirement Blueprint: A Comprehensive Guide to Retirement Planning with Annuities and Major Providers in the United States Introduction: Planning for retirement is a critical aspect of financial preparation, ensuring a secure and comfortable future after exiting the workforce. Retirement planning involves assessing current financial standing, setting retirement goals, and implementing strategies to … Read more

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Understanding Your Life Insurance Needs and Major Providers in the United States Introduction: Life insurance serves as a crucial financial tool for individuals and families, providing protection and financial security in the event of unexpected death. However, determining the appropriate amount of life insurance coverage can be complex and depends on various factors unique to … Read more

Motley Fool vs. TipRanks: In-Depth Analysis of Top Investment Advice Platforms

Choosing between TipRanks vs Motley Fool pivots on your investment style: are you data-driven or in pursuit of curated stock picks for long-term gains?  This no-fluff comparison delves into the strengths of TipRanks’ analyst ratings and Motley Fool’s expert selections to guide your decision, scrutinizing their performance records and how they match your investing needs. … Read more

Our Best-of-the-Best Awards for 2023

Ranking of Top Stock Newsletters Based on 2023 Picks, Dec. 31, 2023

We are paid subscribers to dozens of stock and option newsletters. We actively track every recommendation from all of these services, calculate performance, and share our results of the top performing stock newsletters for under $500 below. The main metric to look for is EXCESS RETURN--that means they are beating the market!

RankStock NewsletterStock
Max %
Min %
Stock Advisor
Summary: 2 picks/month offering long-term potential; Lifetime average return of 703% vs S&P500's 155% since 2002; Retail Price: $199/yr.
Read our Stock Advisor Review.
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Everlasting Stocks
Summary: Only sold as part of Epic Bundle (includes Everlasting Stocks, Stock Advisor, Rule Breakers); 2 picks/month; Tom Gardner's service with the same team that has beaten the market by 3x; Retail Price: $299/yr.
Read our Epic Bundle Review.
Epic Bundle ($1000+ Value): Now Just $319
Moby.co Premium
Summary: 2 or 3 picks/week from Moby analysts in a variety of sectors; Launched in 2020; every year they have beat the SPY; Retail Price: $199/yr.
Read our Moby Stock Picks Review.
Current Promotions:
Get #1 Pick for Free or Save $100 on Premium
Alpha Picks
Summary: 2 picks/month based on Seeking Alpha's Quant Rating; Launched in July, 2022; 2022 picks are beating the market by 108%; Lifetime average return of 68% vs S&P500's 21% since 2022; Retail Price: $499/yr.
Read our Alpha Picks Review.
Current Promotion:
Save $50
Value Investor
Summary: 10-25 stock picks per year based on Zacks' Quant Rating; Retail Price: $495/yr. Read our Zacks Review.Current Promotion:$1, then $495/yr
Rule Breakers
Summary: 2 picks/month focusing on disruptive technology and business models; Lifetime average return of 266% vs S&P500's 118% since 2005; Retail Price: $299/yr. Read our Rule Breakers Review.Current Promotion: Try it for $99/yr
7.Real Estate Investors1214.6%11.9%2.7%83%44%-11%
8.Cramer's Action Alerts Plus10110.6%11.1%-0.5%48%96%-51%
9.Zacks Top 101023.2%26.2%-3%60%120%-24%
10.Top Under $1059-2.4%2.8%-5.2%36%130%-44%
11.Home Run Investor46-1.8%3.6%-5.4%50%49%-29%
12.Dogs of the Dow1014.5%26.2%-11.7%70%95%-25%
13.IBD Top 50 Leaderboard5013.5%26.2%-12.7%n/an/an/a
Top Ranking Stock Newsletters based on their 2023 stock picks' performance as compared to S&P500. S&P500's return is based on average return of SP from date each stock pick is released. NOTE: To get these results you must buy equal dollar amounts of each pick on the date the stock pick is released. Investor Business Daily Top 50 based on performance of FFTY ETF.

Tech M&A in Europe

KP Tech Corporate Finance advises that the European technology sector has been an active and rapidly expanding landscape, defined by creativity, varied markets, and a rising ecosystem of startups and established enterprises. The European technology sector has been dynamic and has grown significantly. Here are some major elements of Europe’s technology sector: Startup Ecosystem: Europe’s … Read more

Motley Fool Review; July 2023-2

This week’s Motley Fool update as of July 16, 2023: Their 13 stock picks from 2023 are up an average of 19.2% vs the S&P500’s 10.4% so they are beating the market already by 8.8% in just 6 months. Eleven are winners, and their top picks in 2023 are up 75% and 58% and losers … Read more