Capital Gains Tax Featured

Capital Gains Tax – What You Need to Know

Capital Gains Tax If you’ve had a successful year of investing, you’ve likely sold a few stocks and cashed out at a net profit. While those gains might feel good in your wallet right now, it’s important to remember that you’ll likely have to hand over some of your earnings in taxes when April rolls … Read more

The 50/20/30 Rule: Budgeting Explained

The 50/20/30 Rule Are you ready to start your investing journey but you can’t seem to save up enough money to put into your retirement account? The first step before investing is actually budgeting so that you have the money necessary to invest. Today, we will be discussing one of the most popular budgeting methods … Read more

Cryptocurrency – The Basics

Cryptocurrency Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve most likely heard the word “cryptocurrency” or “crypto” used plenty of times over the last couple years. Today we’ll be talking about the revolutionary cryptocurrency phenomenon as well as suggesting a few resources to get you started. What Is Cryptocurrency? Essentially, cryptocurrency is digital currency. Its … Read more

Udemy Review: Is It Worth It?

Udemy Review Udemy is a learning platform for those who want to work on their professional skills, pick up a new skill to help them in their careers, or even try out a new hobby. Read our Udemy review here! What is Udemy? Udemy is a MOOC (massive open online course) platform that allows customers … Read more

What Factors Affect Your Credit Score?

Credit Score Factors Credit scores can be confusing and frustrating to even the most financially responsible individuals out there. The formulas used to calculate credit scores are murky and misleading, so building your credit score can be a pain if you aren’t quite sure what to do. Read on to find out some of the … Read more

BlockFi Review – The Facts

What is BlockFi? BlockFi is a crypto-lending and cryptocurrency exchange institution that allows users to earn interest on deposited cryptocurrency as well as use cryptocurrency as collateral for loans. The company was founded in 2017 in New York City by Zac Prince and Lori Marquez. BlockFi Features So, what can you do when you sign … Read more

StockX Review – Know Before You Buy

StockX Review In 2019, StockX became a unicorn, or a startup company with a valuation of $1 billion or more. (Read the Forbes article here.) Read our review to find out why StockX has done so well! What is StockX? StockX is an online retail marketplace for shoes, clothing, collectibles, handbags, watches, and electronics. It … Read more

Stock Rover Review – What You Need To Know

Stock Rover Review What Is Stock Rover? Stock Rover is a screening and analysis platform founded in 2008 by Howard Reisman and Andrew Martin, two software engineers who wanted to create an all-in-one portfolio analysis and screening tool that would do away with the need for a multitude of spreadsheets and tabs that further complicate … Read more

Robinhood Cash Management – Here Are the Facts

Robinhood Cash Management Robinhood Cash Management is a feature available to existing Robinhood brokerage account holders that allows them to earn interest on their uninvested cash while gaining access to a Robinhood debit card. Let’s get into how Robinhood Cash Management works and why it matters! Looking for our review of the Robinhood app? Check … Read more