Morningstar Investor Review

Morningstar Investor Review

Investing is a game of informed risk taking. You have to pay close attention to the markets, price in changes in sentiment or economic conditions, and take in as much information and as many perspectives as you possibly can. It’s impossible to predict the future, of course, but the investor’s job is to use everything … Read more

Overstock Review is not a stock website, though it is a website with a stock (NASDAQ: OSTK). The site has made a name for itself as something like an online outlet mall that initially specialized in home décor but has expanded to sell everything from jewelry to electronics and sporting goods. The brand is known for … Read more

China’s Housing Crisis: What Investors Need to Know

China’s economy has grown from near irrelevance to the second largest in the world in less than half a century. Perhaps more incredible than its meteoric rise is the fact that it’s done so without any kind of significant economic contraction. Nearly fifty years of consistently positive GDP growth is practically sorcery in the eyes … Read more

Best Budget Games for Students

We learn a lot of stuff in school. Math. Science. History. Why it’s a bad idea to throw parties at your house when your parents are out of town.  But there’s one subject that’s as important and many times absent from curricula: Personal finance.    Let’s face it, everything’s getting more expensive and wage growth just … Read more

Best Dividend Stocks of 2022

Introduction to Dividend Stocks There are a few different ways to make money on the stock market.  You can buy low and sell high, of course, or you can short the market by selling high and buying low, or you can buy a bunch of dividend stocks, kick back, and let the payments pile up.  … Read more

Best Crypto Exchanges in 2022

Intro With constant new ways to trade cryptocurrencies, we all have at some point wondered: what are the best crypto exchanges? Cryptocurrencies have exploded in popularity and numbers since Bitcoin first launched back in the distant past (2009). It seems like more and more cryptocurrencies hit the market every day, and new crypto exchanges have … Read more

Robinhood vs E*Trade

Intro It’s never been easier to take investing into your own hands.  There are dozens of investing apps and trading platforms out there, and picking the right one is almost as hard as picking the right assets for your portfolio.  E*TRADE and Robinhood may be two of the most recognizable names in the space, but … Read more

The Future of Cannabis Stocks and How to Invest

With the ongoing craziness of the 2020s many Americans have become discouraged from investing, due to increasing losses in many sectors across the market. Cannabis Stocks It can be particularly nerve-wracking to put more of your hard-earned paycheck into an account that has seen enormous volatility throughout the last couple of years. Nevertheless, investors with … Read more