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Stock Rover Review – What You Need To Know

Stock Rover Review

What Is Stock Rover?

Stock Rover is a stock screening and analysis platform that is suddenly becoming very popular and winning many awards.

It was developed in 2008 by two software engineers, Howard Reisman and Andrew Martin, who wanted to create an all-in-one portfolio analysis and screening tool that would do away with the need for a multitude of spreadsheets and tabs that further complicate the financial analysis process.

According to their website, “Stock Rover addresses a gap in the stock research marketplace by offering sophisticated, streamlined tools that are accessible to individual investors while providing all the power needed by financial professionals.”

And is the Stock Rover platform a valuable resource for individual investors?

Our answer is a definite YES, we love the tools and the price!

It appears their reputation is getting a big boost from winning awards such as these from Barron's and the American Association of Individual Investors:

In this review, we will take a deep dive into the Stock Rover tool and show you all you want to know. 

Stock Rover is NOT just Another Old Stock Screener…

One of our favorite things about Stock Rover is that they're constantly striving to make complex and sometimes boring information accessible to investors with using creativity and innovation. For instance, I love their Research Reports. Financial research is time-consuming, scattered, and always seems like it's being buried down in the depths of clunky, outdated websites.

But with Stock Rover, they do the heavy lifting for you, and give you everything you need to know in 8 short pages!

Research Reports give you a real time, comprehensive summary of any of the 7,000+ stocks Stock Rover tracks on the U.S. and Canadian exchanges. 

Here's an example of the first page from a Home Depot report.

In fact, they have 30 free full reports that you can check out here!

Stock Rover is currently offering a  FREE 2 WEEK TRIAL of their Premium Plus plan! That is their best plan, with all the best features, and the trial does NOT require a credit card. So CLICK HERE to try it out today.  It only requires an email address.

Once you have access to their Research Reports, you can access them at anytime by right clicking on any stock ticker from the Table and selecting Research Report.

Or you can run the report from the Insight Panel…

The best part is that you can get access to these 7000+ real time reports for just $49.99 per year when bundled with any yearly or two year Stock Rover plan.

How Does Stock Rover Provide Value?

Does providing new members free access to their highest level subscription for FREE sound like providing value? We think it does! Try Stock Rover's Premium Plus plan, for two week absolutely free!

Stock Rover’s screening capabilities are some of the best in the business, especially when you upgrade to their premium plans. If you’re looking to quickly filter out certain qualities and metrics of a stock in order to find out which investments are best for your goals and strategies, you can choose from the pre-made screeners offered by Stock Rover. If you want to customize your own screener with your own set of specified metrics, you can build your own screener using over 650 different factors.

Dividend Growth screener – Source: Stock Rover

Stock comparison on Stock Rover can be done using their Table tool, which functions much like an Excel spreadsheet. One of the best features about the Table is that you can load ticker symbols into your screen or even download your own portfolio into the Table in order to receive instant financial metrics and equations. You can also perform basic spreadsheet functions like sorting, filtering, and coloring. 

Table tool – Source: Stock Rover

The Research Reports feature, which comes at an additional cost, gives you access to reports on over 7,000 stocks. Research Reports come with basic financial statistics such as earnings per share and dividend yield, buy/sell ratings, scores for Value, Growth, Quality, and Sentiment, comparisons versus benchmark and versus industry, profitability summaries, earnings surprise analyses, and financial statement summaries. 

Stock Rover’s portfolio management feature utilizes an easy-to-use brokerage integration facility so you can instantly download your portfolio onto the website, directly from your brokerage. This feature lets you eliminate the need to individually select the stocks and dollar amounts you have in your portfolio, letting you save time in getting down to the actual analysis. The portfolio management section lets you analyze your risk-adjusted returns, valuable financial ratios such as the Sharpe Ratio, and correlation statistics in order to maximize your diversification. You can also get rebalancing suggestions and periodic portfolio reports sent to your email.

Portfolio Analytics page – Source: Stock Rover

Stock Rover offers some basic charting functionality that, while not ideal for day traders, can provide useful insight into your portfolio and its potential. You can chart your portfolio against a benchmark to analyze peaks and troughs, analyze statistics like the P/E ratio, and even do some technical analysis using indicators such as simple moving average, relative strength index, and candlesticks.

Stock Rover Membership Plans

Stock Rover offers four different membership plans, one free and three paid:


The free plan includes the following:

  • Comprehensive information on over 8,500 North American stocks
  • Coverage of 4000 ETFs and 40,000 mutual funds
  • Portfolio management
  • Portfolio Brokerage integration for automated syncing of portfolios
  • Portfolio dashboard with detailed portfolio performance information
  • Powerful and flexible charting capabilities
  • What’s happening pages covering markets, stocks, ETFs, bonds and commodities
  • Daily analyst ratings with analyst rankings
  • In depth market news and news for individual stocks
  • Informative market dashboard with detailed display of markets and key stocks
  • Comprehensive and flexible earnings calendar
  • Ideas panel with screeners of the week and additional investment ideas and articles
  • Quick context aware links to other key data sources


The Essentials plan includes the following:

  • Over 8,500 North American stocks
  • Plus 4,000 ETFs and 40,000 funds
  • 260+ financial metrics
  • 5 years of detailed financial historyPowerful investment comparison
  • Customizable views and columns
  • Flexible stock screening
  • Comprehensive charting capabilities
  • Portfolio management
  • Brokerage integration
  • Watchlist tracking
  • Daily analyst ratings and rankings
  • Real time text and email alerting
  • The Stock Rover Investment Library
  • Highly responsive support

COST:  The Essentials Plan costs $7.99 a month. If you buy a one-year subscription, you will get two months free for a total price of $79.99. The best monthly cost comes with a two-year plan, which costs $139.99.  But keep reading to get the best value.


The Premium plan includes everything in the Essentials plan plus the following:

  • 90+ additional metrics, 350+ in all
  • 10 years of detailed financial history
  • Data export
  • Powerful Stock and ETF screening
  • Ranked screening
  • 100+ charitable financial metrics
  • Multiple metrics charting
  • Advanced alerting
  • Detailed portfolio analytics
  • Future dividend income projections
  • Correlation analysis
  • Trade planning & rebalancing tools
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Integrated comment/notes facilities
  • Prioritized email support.

COST:  The Premium Plan goes for $17.99 a month, $179.99 per year, or $319.99 for a two-year plan. Keep reading to get the best deal.


Stock Rover’s top-tier plan is called the Premium Plus plan.  This plan includes everything in the Premium plan plus the following: 

  • 300+ additional metrics, 650+ in all
  • Custom Metrics
  • Equation screening
  • Historical data screening
  • 180+ ETF screening metrics
  • Stock ratings
  • Stock fair value & margin of safety
  • Current and historical stock scoring
  • Investor warnings
  • Ratio charts
  • Much higher data limits
  • Top priority email support

COST: The Premium Plus is $27.99 per month, $279.99 per year, or $479.99 for a two-year plan.  This is absolutely the best plan and the price is very reasonable, but we suggest you take advance of the following 2 week free trial of this plan.  Their website makes it very easy to subscribe or change your plan to a higher or lower plan….

Stock Rover is currently offering a  FREE 2 WEEK TRIAL of their Premium Plus plan! That is their best plan, with all the best features, and the trial does NOT require a credit card. So CLICK HERE to try it out today.  It only requires an email address.

As you can see, the more you upgrade, the more functionality you receive, with the highest tier giving you access to over 650 screening metrics and over 180 ETF-specific metrics. But one of the features that may still be unclear is the customer service. All subscribers, even those with the free plan, can email Stock Rover support at any time. However, free members are not guaranteed an email response. Paid subscribers are guaranteed a response, with the top priority being given to emails from Premium Plus members. While it is not discussed on the webpage linked above, Stock Rover also has a dedicated phone line for customers. Access to this line is offered to Premium and Premium Plus members subscribing to a one-year or two-year plan and costs an additional $50 per year, if chosen. The line is open during business hours on business days.

The other feature that comes at an additional cost is the Research Reports feature. Access to Research Reports costs $49.99 per year for members subscribed to a one-year or two-year plan, and $99.99 per year if not.

One of the main drawbacks to Stock Rover is that there is no mobile app or desktop app available. The only way to access the platform is through the website, which can be done on a computer or phone. 

Final Thoughts

There’s no reason to wonder why Investopedia chose Stock Rover as its best stock screener for buy and hold investors for 2021. Its extensive screening capabilities and ability to link your portfolio right from your brokerage make it the ideal tool for analyzing the fundamentals of your portfolio. However, day traders looking for access to foreign stock exchanges or complicated charting tools for technical analysis may need to look elsewhere. Overall, Stock Rover is a great choice for long-term investors who want access to a free or paid screening service with great portfolio analysis abilities.

Our advice:  Sign up for your free 2 week trial here and comment down below which stocks your analyzing!


Start your free two week trial of the Premium Plus plan, no credit card required!