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Motley Fool Epic Bundle Review: Is it Worth It?

The Motley Fool’s Epic Bundle is one of the Motley Fool’s newest stock recommendations services.

Actually, it’s not really a new service but rather a combination of a few of their existing services. It includes their 2 most popular services, Motley Fool Stock Advisor and Motley Fool Rule Breakers, it includes their newest service, Everlasting Stocks and as of October 1, 2022 it includes their Real Estate Winners.

I have been a subscriber to both Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers since 2016, so I am very familiar with those 2 services.  They both they have made a lot of money for me over the years with stocks like TSLA, SHOP, TTD, OKTA, ETSY and many others.

So when I started hearing about the Motley Fool’s Epic Bundle, I decided to subscribe and write this Motley Fool Epic Bundle Review to share my personal experience.

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[Editor’s Note:  All percentage returns calculated as of the close of business on November 1, 2022.]

What is the Epic Bundle?

Here is a quick review of the 4 services you get immediate access to when you subscribe to the Epic Bundle:

1. Motley Fool Stock Advisor

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor is their original newsletter going back to April, 2002.  It is the combined efforts of the Motley Fool founders, brothers Tom and David Gardner.  Every month each brother (or his team) picks one new stock and gives a list of his top 5 favorite stocks.  So that is 2 new stock picks a month and re-recommendations of 10 of their current favorite stocks from previous picks.  This is their most popular service as it has over 1,000,000 subscribers. 

Mostly importantly, the average return of all of the Motley Fool Stock Adivsor’s stock picks from this service is 358% compared to the SP500’s 112% (20 years).

2.  Motley Fool Rule Breakers 

Rule Breakers was launched in December, 2004.  This is specifically just David Gardner and his team’s picks.  They target high growth companies in high growth industries.  What this means is that it might take a year or so for these stocks to take off.  And when they do take off, they really take off.  But what it also means is they pick a few losers each year.  David Gardner’s teams

Mostly importantly, the average return of all of Rule Breakers stock picks from this service is 185% compared to the SP500’s 95% (18 years).

Here’s a chart of the Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers performance since inception.

3. Motley Fool Everlasting Stocks 

The Motley Fool Everlasting Stocks service was launched in October 2018.  This service is managed by Tom Gardner, one of the 2 brothers that founded the Motley Fool.  Second on the team is the Motley Fool’s Chief Investment Officer Andy Cross.

One unique feature of Everlasting stocks is the ranking they provide monthly of their picks.  As they say:

Everlasting Stocks is designed to beat the market over 5 years with companies that represent Tom Gardner's Everlasting principles. Our Top 10 Rankings each month highlight those that we believe are the most timely to beat the market and attractive for new money or additional capital. Just because a company isn't on the list doesn't necessarily mean we've lost confidence in it. We just 
prefer these to consider first.

Here’s a little peak of their May 2022 Top 10 Rankings.  I am just showing the top 5 as the I don’t want to get in trouble from the Fool…

So how is it performed over time?  Take a look at this stat and these 3 top performers of the Epic Bundle.  Over 50 stocks with a 1,000+% return…

How Much Does the Epic Bundle Cost?

The current retail price is $499 per year.  That is a savings of $547 per year over the prices of the individual services since Stock Advisor is $199 a year, Rule Breakers is $299, Everlasting Stocks is $299, and Real Estate Winners is $249.

Is the Motley Fool Epic Bundle Worth It?

At first I was skeptical, and then the more I researched it, I became a convinced it was a good deal, and I subscribed.  With the Epic Bundle you are getting $1,046  worth of their newsletters for $499.  That saves you $547 each and every year on the renewal.  Stock Advisor is normally $199/yr, Rule Breakers $299/yr, Everlasting Stocks is $299/yr, and Real Estate Winners is $249/yr so to buy all 4 individually it will cost $1,046 a year.

Here is the REAL REASON to Subscribe to the Epic Bundle…

You might be able to find a promotion link to get the Motley Fool Stock Advisor or Rule Breakers at a discount for the first year for new subscribers, but if you let them renew for the second year, it will be “at the then current rate.”  So the Epic Bundle definitely saves you money because it is much cheaper in year 2 and thereafter.  If you can invest at least $1,000 in the market each month, then the $499 is a small price to pay to get stock picks that historically have outperformed the SP500.  Remember, to be successful investing in the stock market you must be thinking long term (at least 5 years), you should invest monthly so that you are always buying (dollar cost average principle), and your goal is to outperform the SP500.

The recent addition of the Real Estate Winners to the Epic Bundle is a tremendous advantage for one huge reason:  DIVERSIFICATION!  Now with these 4 services you will get recommendations across information technology, consumer discretionary, communications, industrials, health care, and now real estate services.

And when you subscribe to the Epic Bundle, each month you will get 6 new stock picks and 15 timely re-recommendations of previous stock picks.  You also get immediate access to each of the 4 services’ historical picks.

Is the Motley Fool Epic Bundle Legit?

I get asked this question a lot.  The Motley Fool Epic Bundle is absolutely legit.  The Motley Fool is a very reliable company.  I know many of their team members and they are very active presenting at financial education conferences around the country.  Their customer service is also perfect, offering both a phone number and email support during market hours.  Bottom line, if you are looking to make you life a little easier and can invest at least a few hundred dollars in the market each month, and plan on keeping the money invested for at least 5 years, you should try it.

Why You Need all Four Services

With 6 new Motley Fool stock picks every month, you might be thinking that after a year you will end up with 72 stocks.  But that is not what happens.  There is a little overlap occasionally in stock picks each year across the 4 services.  There is also some re-recommendations of previous picks so I end up buying more stocks like TSLA over time. 

The Motley Fool also tells you when to sell some of the stocks, and some of them end up merging or getting bought out over time.  So, you won’t end up with as many stocks in your portfolio as it seems.

I also like to use stop-loss orders so that I never lose 20% on any new position, and for the profitable picks, I use a tighter 10% stop-loss so I take my profits off the winners that start to fall.

To learn more, or to sign up for the Epic Bundle, use this landing page to get their lowest price.

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