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Beginner Investing: 10 Steps to Start Investing the Right Way

I’ve spent the last 30 years of my life trying to help beginners learn to invest in the stock market. My main message is this:  Stop thinking about beginning to invest in stocks, stop talking about it, and just start investing now.  The sooner you get started, the better off you will be.  Start educating … Read more

Best Stock and Investment Newsletters-August 1, 2023-2

*** NOW UPDATED AS OF August 1, 2023*** Stock newsletters make getting stock market analysis and stock recommendations easy. There are, however, so many stock newsletters to choose from that many investors become overwhelmed having so many choices.  Some are free, some are relatively cheap at less than a few hundred dollars per year, and … Read more

Making a Budget Explained: 4 Psychology Tips

BUDGET. What a gross-sounding word. Just the thought of making a budget sounds painful. Honestly, this is probably why people don’t often learn about (and are so terrible at) budgeting. But as repulsive as the idea of budgeting can be, it’s a necessary and extremely beneficial part of our financial health. Just by clicking on … Read more

Understanding Bid and Ask Prices

How to get the best prices buying and selling stocks – Bid Price and Ask Price Imagine you’re at a flea market. You head over to one of the stands and see a baseball card that you want. And even though you really want it, you won’t pay just anything for it. Instead, you want … Read more