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Atom Finance Review

The only reason that you start buying individual stocks is if you think that you are going to beat the market as a whole. The S&P 500 generally returns about 10% year after year, and so you’ll have to do pretty well on your individual picks portfolio to beat that! But the Motley Fool has Read More…

Webull Options

Webull Options


Is the Motley Fool Legit?

td ameritrade-vs-robinhood

TD Ameritrade vs. Robinhood

Advertising disclosure: All opinions expressed are our own. We may receive compensation for some of our partner brands in this article. While they both have green logos, they’re quite different platforms. Robinhood is the young incumbent and TD Ameritrade is a name that has been around for decades. But you can’t simply write off TD Read More…


M1 Finance vs. Robinhood

The days of checking the newspaper for static numbers provided by the New York Stock Exchange are gone! Today, constant investment information flies around at the speed of light. In fact, we can access our investments right on our mobile devices. The proliferation of investment information, and more to the point, investment culture, has created Read More…


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Is Robinhood a Scam?