Small Cap Stocks: Investing in Growing Companies

Small Cap Stock Investing vs. Fishing Investing in small cap stocks is kind of like fishing… It’s easy to go out to your local fish store and simply buy fish. Anyone can do that. What most people can’t or won’t do is set out on the open waves of the ocean and do some actual fishing. But … Read more

Income Investing: The Importance of Fixed Income

What is Income Investing? Nobody wants another “entrepreneur” trying to sell their latest get rich quick scheme. We want investments designed to generate steady income—usually with an eye toward a secure retirement. In the stock market, we call this income investing. Income Investing One great “Get Rich Slowly” strategy is income investing. Income investing involves buying … Read more

Value Investing for Beginners

Introduction Value investing is a method of picking stocks that was pioneered in the 1930s—when the world was in the midst of the Great Depression. The idea behind it is simple: buy stocks that are cheaper than they should be. Of course that’s easier said than done. Finding stocks that are underpriced takes a lot of research. … Read more

Stock Ratings: How to Know What Stocks to Invest in

Introduction Humans are great at recognizing patterns. But sometimes what we expect to happen, and what actually happens are different. So when investors expect a stock to post great earnings, failing to meet those expectations can causes drastic changes in the stock price. No one likes surprises. Well, except for surprise birthday parties. Those are … Read more