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Best Investing Courses 2022: Courses for Every Investor

The Best Investing Courses of 2022

Are you a beginner, intermediate or even advanced stock market investor looking to get started or learn more about investing in the market?

Investing may be one of the best and most effective ways to grow your money.

It may then seem obvious to look for an investing course to get started.

After all, advertisements on social media seem to be popping up everywhere, promoting everything from beginner investment courses to getting rich through cryptocurrencies in just 30 days.  

So then, where does one even possibly begin to shift through the thousands of free and for pay stock market investing groups and trading courses?

It shouldn’t be that hard to learn about the investing basics!

Below, we at Wall Street Survivor will do our best to cut through the overpriced, overcomplicated, expensive web of wasted time and money out on the market and offer a consolidated, personalized list of our top 5 best investing courses of 2020, based on your experience, preference, and overall budget.

#1 Free Course for Beginners’s Investing 101: Stock Market for Beginners

For beginner investors who are looking for a FREE course, Investing 101 offers 10 short but comprehensive lessons, a pop quiz at the end of each lesson to make sure you picked up the key concepts, and a virtual $100,000 practice account so you can practice as you learn.

Investing 101’s stock market course has helped over 50,000 clients learn about the stock market. It is also used by many of the top U.S. business schools.

It was also rated one of the “Best Free Investing Courses” by CNBC.

This course was already one of our favorite investing courses, but the fact that it is free and you get a virtual practice account makes it the best investing course for beginners.

Use this link to learn more or register for: Investing 101 course.

#1 Course for Beginners with Little to no Time

Wealthsimple’s Investing Master Class: The Stock Market for Canadians 

From the ABCs of investing to early retirement planning, Wealthsimple’s Investing Master Class provides an excellent first look into investing for those who wish to understand the basics. 

The entertaining and concise Masterclass, filled with witty humor, encourages investors to value diversification and a long-term time horizon, often alluding to their own and other broker’s automated portfolio construction and rebalancing for investors that don’t want to or don’t have the time to be heavily involved in regular investing decisions.

This clear and easy-to-watch course is a great way to be introduced to financial markets.

#1 Course Covering Trading to Retirement 

Charles Shwab’s Knowledge Center

TD Ameritrade’s Personal Finance & Investment Articles

Although most assume that brokerages only offer services to paying clients, many offer free educational services to all.

For a basic overview of everything from savings accounts to mutual funds to estate planning both Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade offer phenomenal free resource libraries.

Additionally, both brokerages offer free, daily articles and market research with both offering increasingly thorough video tutorials, walkthroughs, and podcasts.

#1 Course for Intermediate to Advanced Investors with Time and a Budget

Udemy’s Advanced Stock Trading Course + Strategies

At Wall Street Survivor we value accessibility as a major proponent of the value of an investing course and as such most of our best of 2020 investment courses are free.

However, for more experienced investors that are willing to spend a little more for an in-depth technical education, Udemy offers a detailed guide for advanced trading techniques and strategies.

Taught by the founder of Bloom Trading, Mohsen Hassan, the Advanced Stock Trading Course focuses on the intricacies of day trading and swing trading and how to apply profitable strategies and methods to both.

#1 Free Course for All

Wall Street Survivor’s Stock Market and Personal Finance Courses

Last but not least, we encourage you to check out our newly refreshed course guides that focus on everything a stock market investor should know before investing.

Our platform commits to a free financial education for all and is currently utilized and trusted by over 1,000,000 users.

Wall Street Survivor combines a comprehensive look into financial literacy and investing basics with an interactive paper trading platform that allows investors to practice their skills and strategies at their own pace, while even competing for cash prizes in monthly contests.

#1 Financial Literacy Game for High School Students

Financial literacy is a broader term than investing. Financial Literacy includes concepts like banking, budgeting, credit, debt, investing, insurance, taxes, and retirement.

The best financial literacy game for students in PersonalFinanceLab as it combines several games, activities, lessons, and a quality of life measurement to keep things balanced. You can’t always just buy the cheapest thing!

If you’re looking for more courses on investing and many other topics, we recommend checking out Udemy. Read our review on Udemy here.

Are you looking for a list of the best investing apps? Wall Street Survivor’s got you covered!