Best Stocks to Buy 2021

Looking for the Best Stocks to Buy Now?  To help our readers, we have compiled lists of the best stocks to buy now from some of the most reputable stock advisers and newsletter services.

Since there are many different sources and investors have different objectives, there are several lists and links to other sites.  We have included lists of the Best Stocks to Buy Now for the following categories:

  • Buy and Hold Investors
  • Aggressive Investors, and
  • Growth and Income Investors.

Remember, no one can predict the stock market perfectly all the time.  Instead, we at have pulled together many of the most popular “Best Stocks to Buy Now” lists from the most reputable sources.


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Now that you know how to get free stock, here's our list of the Best Stocks to Buy Now

BEST STOCK NEWSLETTER for the last 5 Years (July 24, 2021 UPDATE)

One of last year's Motley Fool Stock Picks is up 648% and 6 others have already doubled!

We have been tracking ALL of the Motley Fool stock picks since January 2016. That's over 5 years and over 120 stock picks. As of July 24, 2021, 19 of their 24 stocks picks from 2020 are up with an average return of 93% compared to the SP500's 41%.

In addition, their 2019 stock picks are up 126%; their 2018 stock picks are up 253%; their 2017 stocks are up 223% and amazingly their 2016 stock picks are up 462%. The Motley Fool has done so well because they have quickly identified stocks each year that will perform well in the current environment. They adapt and constantly pick stocks before everyone else realizes the opportunities. Now they are starting to pick stocks that will do well in the post-Covid world and Biden presidency.

  • Fiverr Intl (FVRR) - Sept 3, 2020 pick is up 75% in just 3 months
  • CrowdStrike (CRWD) – June 4, 2020 pick and it is already up 74%
  • Zoom Video (ZM) – April 16, 2020 pick and it is up 172%
  • Shopify (SHOP) – April 2, 2020 pick and it is up 204%
  • Zoom Video (ZM) – March 19, 2020 pick re-recommended and it is already up 301%
  • DexCom (DXCM) picked Feb 20, 2020 right before the market crashed and it is still up 15%
  • NVTA picked February 6, 2020 is up 129%
  • Tesla (TSLA) picked January 2, 2020 before the crash and it is up 596% 
  • HubSpot (HUBS) picked December 5, 2019 and it is up 152%
  • Netflix (NFLX) picked November 21, 2019 and it is up 59%
  • Trade Desk (TTD) picked November 7, 2019 and up 368%
  • Zoom Video originally picked Oct 3 and it is up 433%
  • SolarEdge (SEDG) picked September 19, 2019 and it is up 204%

Now, no one can guarantee that their next picks will be as strong, but our 5 years of experience has been super profitable. They also claim that since inception, their average pick is up 596% and now we believe them. Many analysts are saying that we have passed the bottom of this COVID crisis and "certain" stocks will recover quickly and be the new leaders. So make sure you have the right stocks in your portfolio.

Normally the Fool service is priced at $199 per year but they are currently offering to new subscribers for just $99/year if you click this link

Here is their release schedule of their upcoming stock picks:

  • December 2, 2021 - David's New Stock Recommendation
  • December 9, 2021 - David's List of 5 Best Stocks to Buy Now List
  • December 16, 2021 - Tom's New Stock Recommendation
  • December 23, 2021 - Tom's List of 5 Best Stocks to Buy Now

Remember, 84% of their recommendations from 2016 to 2020 were profitable with an return of 233%. So if you have a few hundreds dollars to invest each month and plan on staying invested for at least 5 years, we haven't found any better source of stock picks. When you subscribe, you also get full access to all of their recent picks.

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Below you will find other several lists. We also give our opinions and/or share our experiences for some of  them.

It's always best to research stocks carefully before buying them. You should also make sure that they fit your investing objective.  If you want to test some of these stock picks, then register for our FREE virtual trading account.  When you register, we will give you $100,000 in play money to test your strategies.


Finding the best stocks to buy now is not easy because no one knows what the future holds.  As the owners of WallStreetSurvivor, however, we want to help our users learn how to invest in the stock market and increase their confidence in their ability to manage their own portfolios.  To help our users,  5 years ago we began purchasing dozens of the most popular stock newsletters to see if any stock adviser service could really outperform the market consistently.  Next, we then set up virtual trading accounts (since that is what WallStreetSurvivor is all about) for each service and virtually traded all of the picks of all of the newsletters.

After our first year (2016), we saw that the Motley Fool Stock Advisor was our top performer.

And the top performer in 2017 was also the Motley Fool Stock Advisor.

And for 2018, the Motley Fool Stock Advisor won again.

Now guess who won for 2019 and 2020? Yes, the Motley Fool won again. Take a looks at the performance of the last 5 years of their stock picks as of the date in the chart….

Over the last 5 years, we can tell you that the 120 stock picks from the Motley Fool are now up, on average, 231%. 

In conclusion, if you are looking for the best stocks to buy now for a buy and hold strategy, we recommend the Motley Fool Stock Advisor. This service usually costs $199 a year, but if you are a new subscriber you should click here to get the next 12 months and 24 stock picks for just $99.




While the Motley Fool's Stock Advisor service is the most popular service with over 600,000 paid subscribers, they have another service that actually outperforms their flagship Stock Advisor service.

The Motley Fool's Rule Breaker service has actually done better than the Fool's Stock Advisor service by a wide margin since January 2016.

Here are some of their 2019 picks and their performance so far:

  • January 2019 pick Skechers SKX is up 61% since their recommendation date.
  • January 2019 pick NexEra Energy NEE is up 33%
  • February 2019 pick GH is up 59%
  • March 2019 pick Redfin RDFN is down 3%
  • March 2019 pick Roku, ROKU is up 159%
  • April 2019 pick Five Below FIVE is down 7%
  • April 2019 pick Shockwave Medical SWAV is up 1%
  • May 2019 pick Salesforce CRM is up 4%
  • May 2019 pick UBER is down 27%
  • June 2019 pick NVCR is up 51%
  • August picks are up 16%
  • Their September picks are up 21 and 3%
  • Their October picks are up 22 and 25%
  • And their November picks are up 4 and 10%

Since January 2016 the average Rule Breaker stock is up 114% whereas the average return of a Stock Advisor pick is up 81%.


There is just one drawback, however. The Rule Breaker's picks have much more volatility than the Stock Advisor's picks. What I mean is that their are a wide variety of returns on the Rule Breakers picks since 2016 with the top being up 1500% but they also have several picks that have lost over 80%. That being said, though, if you did buy equal amounts of all of the Rule Breakers picks you would do 33% better than the Stock Advisor picks. But if you missed just one or two picks, your portfolio would have really missed out.

Click here to get the Rule Breakers latest picks.

BEST STOCKS TO BUY FOR 2019 from US News & World Report

Here is a list that was published in January, 2019 of the Best Stocks to Buy for 2019 (Source: USNews):
COMPANY Jan 1, 2019 PRICE Dec 21, 2019 PRICE/CHANGE


84.21 +32%
















Not all stocks are created equal, so finding the best stocks to buy has many answers.

The reality is that there are dozens of investing objectives and ways to evaluate stocks. Some people want stability, some want dividends and income, and some want growth.

There are also dozens of different industry sectors that are used to classify stocks.  And each sector has different expected returns and volatility.  For example, below are 2 of the most popular ones.


Energy stocks typically have to do with companies that are involved in the oil and gas industry. As you may have guessed, the price of oil is key and has a lot to do with profits in this industry. So, please be aware that stock prices in this industry show high variance.  And speculation about the price of oil can lead to great profits or massive losses for investors.

Financial Services

This industry is where banks, funds, exchanges and brokerages are categorized. Most of these companies generate steady returns that mirror the general market sentiment.  Also, they tend to pay a dividend.  However, they are very sensitive to swings in the interest rates.  When things are good, these stocks do well – when things are bad, they can mitigate the damage.


Not sure where to go to find stocks? Check out these sites:


For starters, finding out what stocks to buy always involves a discussion about PE ratio. The price to earnings ratio of a company represents how much investors are willing to pay based on a company's profits on a per share basis. To put it simply, imagine a theoretical company that has a share price of $50, with earnings per share of $5. The PE ratio of this company is 10 because the price is 10 times greater than the earnings.

While PE ratio is a versatile measuring tool, it varies by industry and fails to paint a detailed picture of a company's true situation. PE ratio can vary based on the expectations of a company's performance and can vary wildly. Use this to your advantage to swoop in when a company's PE ratio has gone down temporarily, and be wary of stocks with high PE ratios as that necessarily means that prices are going up or profits or going down, or both.

Here's Some Tips to Find Stocks to Buy

Stick to what you know. If you don't understand what a company does, don't buy it. Every stock has an underlying business that is the real indicator of success or failure. If you understand that business, than you will have a greater rate of success.

Beware the bubble. While investors would like to think they are reasonable and make sound investment decisions, this is not always the case. This irrational exuberance can lead to herd behavior where everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Beware the hype and stick to your guns.

Check out Modest Money’s Stock Wizard and use their filters and categories to find the right stock for you.


The best way to read stocks is through dividend yield. A dividend is when a company pays out a sum of money to its shareholders. Dividends can be irregular, but most of the time they are paid out quarterly. Dividends are often distributed as a portion of the company's profits and are typically a safer investment than non-dividend paying stocks.

The dividend yield is pretty simple: take the dividends per share and divide by the price of that share and there you have it. Dividend yield represents how much cash flow one gets for each dollar they invest. A lot of investors prefer stocks with high dividend yield because they pay out cold hard cash.

Dividend yields can be seen almost as an interest rate earned on an investment. The reason dividend yields are so sought after has to with the fact that a company that pays out a steady stream of dividends is often very profitable. The longer the history of these dividends, the better, and more stable the investment becomes.


A popular strategy for how to pick stocks is called value investing. The way it works is that investors look to buy companies with high intrinsic value that are trading at a lower price than they should be. In short, they look for solid undervalued stocks and buy them before the rest of the world realizes and the market corrects itself. When the price finally does go up, the value investor makes a nice return and will usually divest from the company in order to re-balance their portfolio as their stock is now worth a lot more than it was before.

Intrinsic value is a tricky thing to estimate. That's because investors have to estimate what a company is worth and there are no right or wrong answers. The idea is that by using careful evaluation techniques and comparables, a smart investor will be able to figure if companies are undervalued and have a guess as to how much.

One can look at key financial ratios like the PE ratio, but that doesn't tell the whole story. Financial statements are another great way to check in on the health of a potential value stock, but what does that say about growth or other comparable companies. There's a lot of work involved, and that's one way how savvy investors can make money by trading undervalued shares on the stock market.


So you want to buy some stocks, but where do you start? Well, the obvious first thing you will need is to find a stockbroker. Brokers are professionals who are licensed to buy and sell stock from the market on your behalf. As you can probably tell, stockbrokers come in all shapes and sizes depending on your investing needs. They can fill all kinds of different orders and the more expensive ones provide analysis and recommendations.

For the beginner investor, we recommend going for an online or discount broker. That's because they offer the smallest barrier to entry. With online brokers you can start trading without even meeting someone face to face. All you have to do is call or chat to set up your account and within a few clicks you can start trading. There are tutorials to help you get started but it's pretty straight forward for the do it yourself type of person.

Discount brokers are a bit different. They are like online brokers but charge a small fee per transaction. While discount brokers are very similar to online brokers, they do provide a small amount of assistance such as company information and other helpful resources. Investors can start at the lower level with discount and online brokers and upgrade to full-service later on. Be prepared to fork over some cash for a full-service broker who will take the time to meet with you and perfect your investing strategy.


The Motley Fool Stock Advisor has won our Award for the Best Stock Newsletter for the last 4 years.

We have been tracking ALL of the Motley Fool stock picks since January 2016. That's over 5 years and over 120 stock picks. As of Friday, Novermber 6, 2021, 19 of their 24 stocks picks from 2020 are up and the average return is 106% compared to the SP500's 50%. Take a look at some other FACTS about their service:

  • The average return of their 24 picks from 2019 is up 108% compared to market's 68%; and 20 of those 24 are profitable
  • Of their 24 stock picks from 2018, 20 are up, the average return is 248%, and 11 have more than doubled in price
  • From 2017, all 24 of their stock picks are up, 12 have more than doubled and the average return is 254%
  • And from 2016, 20 of 24 are up, 17 have more than doubled and the average is an amazing 451% ( thanks in part to them picking SHOP)
  • So the point is that not every one of their picks goes up, but the longer you hold them, the better they have performed, at least since 2016
  • Tesla (TSLA) picked January 2, 2020 before the crash and it is up 1,320% 

TIP FROM THE AUTHOR: If your portfolio is not up 233% over the last 5 years with 84% profitable trades, then you are investing missing out on big profits. Be pro-active and buy stock tips from this trusted source instead of being re-active and buying stocks that everyone else is buying! A subscription to the Fool will probably be the best investment you ever make. They already have over 1,000,000 subscribers.

Normally the Fool service is priced at $199 per year but they are currently offering the next 12 months for just $99 on THIS NEW SUBSCRIBER PAGE

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