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The Next Big Stock (Don’t miss this one)

The next BIG stock is right around the corner.

Are you ready for it?

If you are unsure, we can help you decide.

If you are ready to invest now, skip to the last section!

Investing can be an exciting way to grow your wealth and control your financial future.

However, you need to understand what you are doing to before you jump in “headfirst.”

First, let us cover a few things that an investor should never do:

  1. Invest with your emotions;
  2. Investing money that you cannot afford to lose;
  3. Chase market “fads”;
  4. Throw everything into penny stocks; and
  5. Fail to diversify.

These potential pitfalls can cause any investor to freeze and avoid the market altogether.

This is called “paralysis by analysis,” and is something we must avoid.

In 2020, COVID-19 created an additional barrier to entry – VOLATILITY and UNCERTAINTY.

So, you may be wondering…

…is now is the right time to buy stocks?

Now that is an interesting question, so let’s take a trip down [recent] memory lane.

The S&P 500 peaked in February…

…then subsequently fell 34% in just 30 days.

The opportunistic investors decided to buy stock during the economic downturn.

Those people were rewarded handsomely (for now).

Today, the market index is up over 40% compared to the market bottom in March.

If you missed the opportunity to BUY stocks, we hope you did not make the mistake of SELLING your existing stocks.

What would have caused you to sell?

You may have sold because you were spooked by the market volatility (i.e., investing with emotions).

Perhaps you sold because you could not afford to lose your money tied up in stocks (i.e., investing money you cannot afford to lose).

Is now a good time to invest?

So, what about those of you with money to invest?

Is now a good time to invest in the stock market?

Did you miss the opportunity to invest in the stock market?

We will not pretend to have all the answers for you…

…we have no clue what stocks will do in the short-term.

The investing environment is indeed uncertain.

In fact, Yelp recently discovered that over half of the businesses that closed temporarily due to COVID-19 have now closed permanently.

The situation is unfortunate, to put it mildly.

And while the market recovery is nice, you missed your chance to buy at all-time low prices.

As they say – what’s done is done.

But now is the PERFECT time to jump into the stock market.

You can forget about marketing timing.

Does COVID-19 mean you should stay away from the stock market?

Absolutely not!

As an investor, you should learn to get comfortable with uncertainty.

Some may argue that the market is going to tank, again.

However, that is a moot point when you consider the impossibility of timing the stock market.

The man himself, Warren Buffet, once said, “I can’t time stocks. I don’t know anybody else who can either.”

I think we ALL know at least one person who would insist differently.

There are far too many unknown factors that determine investor sentiment and market movements.

But consider this…

…over the last 100 years, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen nearly 11,000%.

The market survived the Great Depression, two world wars, and numerous recessions.

In fact, over the last five years alone, the Dow is up over 50% – including the debacle that is 2020.

So, what does this mean for you and your investments?

As long as you’re in the market for the long haul, you probably have nothing to worry about.

But no need to take our word for it.

During Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting, Warren Buffett noted that he believes it would be advantageous for investors to buy a “cross-section of America.”

The various dips in the stock market are fundamentally advantageous.

Does this mean you will get rich in one-year from now?


In fact, you could stand to lose money because anything can happen to stocks “tomorrow.”

But remember, we are not talking about investing for tomorrow.

We are talking about investing for the next five-, ten-, and twenty-plus years.

American business is a resilient machine – and it is likely to prove it once again.

To buy or not to buy?

Obviously, you don’t want to buy stocks at an all-time high – if you can avoid it.

So, is now a good time to buy stocks?

As long as you can stomach the volatility and avoid selling…

…now is the PERFECT time to buy stocks.

However, if you need cash for emergency savings or a future purchase, you may want to handle that first.

You should consider your investments “untouchable.”

While now is the time to buy, it’s almost always the time to buy.

There could be another market crash around the corner.

What do you do in the event of a market crash?

You buy MORE.

If the market continues to increase, you continue to buy (and you will be glad you bought when you did).

The best investors are always on the lookout for high-quality investment opportunities.

These high-quality investment opportunities offer strong long-term prospects.

Once you purchase these investments, you keep them for the long run.

The short-term impacts on the stock market are primarily driven by noise.

The long-term impact of your investments are driven by the intrinsic value of the stock.

If you make a good investment, that investment will continue to trend upward over time.

So, forget about COVID-19 and the market “ups” and “downs.”

To put it simply…

…now is as good as any other time to put your money to work.

Now, let's get into where your money should be going once you decide to make the plunge.

We have some BIG news…

The next BIG stock is on the horizon.

Now that you KNOW what you should be doing with your money (i.e., investing it)…

…what companies are you going to buy?

We said that you cannot time the market, but you can certainly make poor investments.

Let us avoid those types of investments.

You have far more control over the quality of your investments compared to the timing of those investments.

So, how can you identify high-quality investment opportunities?

There are two options:

  1. Dedicate your life to reading the news, educating yourself on market analysis, and practice trading stocks; or
  2. Hire an expert.

We like the latter option much better.


Because we rely on two of the best growth investors in the whole world.

Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner and his brother, Tom Gardner, just revealed their latest stock recommendations.

Did you know…

…the brother and co-founder duo have tripled the stock market’s return over the past seventeen years.

When you sign-up for Motley Fool Stock Advisor, you receive stock recommendations – then, you decide whether you want to invest.

David and Tom Gardner have recommend BIG stocks like Apple, Netflix, and Amazon well before these companies were household names.

No market timing required for the success of these investments.

The brothers’ saw GREAT investment opportunities and pulled the trigger.

Could you imagine buying any of today's biggest stocks during their IPO?

You can increase your chances of doing so by listening to Tom and Dave Gardner at the Motley Fool.

The best part?

You can try the Motley Fool services risk-free, with a 30-day money back guarantee.

To summarize our discussion today:

  1. Now is the PERFECT time to invest in the stock market; and
  2. You can get tips from one of the best growth investors risk-free.

It is time to take control of YOUR financial future.


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