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The Next Apple Stock

Investing can be tough.

So tough that many people avoid it altogether.

Don’t let that person be YOU!

Investing in the stock market is very important for your financial health.

There are simple principles that can lead to success in the stock market.

However, in order to make money, an investor must dedicate enormous amounts of time to research and learning how the market behaves.

So, you may be wondering…

…”what do I need to know and learn?”

You need to know things like what stocks to buy, when to sell an investment, and the right price to enter a trade.

That entails an enormous amount of education and experience…

…and even then, you will often be wrong!

Fortunately, many tools can flatten the learning curve in the stock market.

These tools include books, online courses, webinars, and college courses.

But how do you know if you are learning from a reputable resource?

For all of the great information on the internet, there are plenty of scams and bad opinions that can lead a novice investor in the wrong direction.

Some of the most tragic investment horror stories usually begin with lousy advice or malicious intent, so it is vital that you choose where you get your research wisely.

Thankfully, there is at least one extremely reputable and well-researched solution.

Enter The Motley Fool.

Who is The Motley Fool?

To put it simply, the Motley Fool is an investment research and analysis company.

What does that mean, anyway?

These guys do the research and recommend the stocks.

The Motley Fool also dedicates themselves to educating investors, including how-to guides and investment news.

And they have been doing it since 1994.

Since 1994, Motley Fool continues to add new services, update their investment strategies, and implement effective research methodologies to meet the needs of their clients.

However, the company is very well-known for their Stock Advisor service.

What is Stock Advisor, you ask?

Stock Advisor is a subscription-based newsletter that is released monthly.

The topics in the newsletter include the following:

  • In-depth company analysis
  • Recommendations to buy stocks
  • All historical stock picks
  • And much more!

The reason for Stock Advisor’s longevity is its SUCCESS.

So, how successful has this service been?

Very successful.

But don’t take our word for it…

…let’s take a look at the results.

History of Motley Fool Recommendations

You may be wondering…

…what companies have the Motley Fool recommended?

Here are just a few examples of some of the top picks over the years:

  • Shopify (up over 389%)
  • Tesla (up over 2,505%)
  • Okta (up over 421%)

With these results, you may want to consider joining yourself.

If you chose any of these stocks, I can bet that your portfolio would be looking a shade more favorable these days.

It is important to note that it is not an exhaustive list, and not every stock that The Fool has recommended has generated the same returns, but the Motley Fool consistently finds and recommends excellent companies with strong growth potential.

The Fool is not an investment manager, they are a market research company that provides investment recommendations and stock picks.

They Picked Apple!

One of the top picks from the Motley Fool must be their recommendation of Apple, the legendary creators of the iPhone, Mac, iPod, iTunes, and Airpods.

A Brief History of Apple

Apple wasn’t always the behemoth, trillion-dollar company that it is today.

Founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple in their garage, and their first product was a processor that required users to supply their own keyboard and monitor.

A few years later, the company released the Apple I personal computer, which revolutionized at-home computing.

The mid-1990s were turbulent for Apple due to leadership disputes, which resulted in Steve Jobs’ resignation.

Without Jobs at the helm, the company made a series of poor decisions that led to cycling through three different CEOs.

Apple realized that they needed Steve Jobs, so they bought out the company he founded, and he resumed his role as CEO.

Once Jobs was running the show again, Apple received a large investment from Microsoft, debuted the iPod, and released the iMac.

These were nothing short of technological wonders that thrust Apple into the tech giant it is today.

Indicators for Apple

It may seem trivial to state that Apple’s stock has performed well over the years…

…but it’s important to understand some factors that contributed to the Motley Fool’s recommendation.

Here are a few reasons why The Fool recommended Apple:

Strong Financials

One of Apple’s most powerful assets is its balance sheet, specifically their cash on hand. Apple has close to $200 billion of cash on hand.

The most impressive part of that astronomical number is that they are still investing billions into other ventures and acquisitions while maintaining the world’s biggest rainy day fund.

Investors especially love Apple’s cash because they are almost guaranteed dividend payments for years to come.

Market Integration

Apple is a fantastic software developer and hardware manufacturer.

Most tech companies pick which side to specialize, but Apple has mastered both sides.

For example, iOS is an extremely powerful operating system, and the iPhone is a very sturdy device.

To top it all off, Apple announced that they will be developing their own processing chips in an effort to keep their entire production in house.

Enormous Potential Growth (Still)

Apple is not done just yet.

The typical business news has an annual habit of declaring that Apple is out of ideas.

However, year after year, these sources are disproved every year by a new product, service, or both.

Apple cannot be stopped!

*** UPDATE -- Monday, May 27, 2024 -- MOTLEY FOOL STOCK ADVISOR AVERAGE RETURN OF ALL 500+ STOCK PICKS IS 673% VS THE S&P500'S 155% ****

The Fool investing philosophy is hold stocks for at least 5 years, invest regularly, and ride out the dips. Here is just a sample of some recent picks:

  • DASH picked Nov 2, 2023 is up 58%
  • CRWD picked again Oct 5, 2023 and already it is up 95%
  • TSLA picked again May, 2023 and it is up 54%
  • CRWD picked March, 2023 and it is up 160%
  • KNSL picked Feb 2, 2023 is up 88%
  • NOW picked January, 2023 and it is up 107%

Also, the Motley Fool just launched a special promotion: $110 off (see the link below).

Here is their release schedule of their upcoming stock picks:

  • May 2, 2024 - New Stock Recommendation
  • May 9, 2024 - List of 5 Best Stocks to Buy Now List
  • May 16, 2024 - New Stock Recommendation
  • May 23, 2024 - List of 5 Best Stocks to Buy Now

So, if you have a few hundred dollars to invest each month and plan on staying invested for at least 5 years, we haven't found any better source of stock picks.

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The Next “Apple” Stock Could be Right Around the Corner

Could you imagine going back and scooping up Apple’s stock for $20, $50, or even $100 per share?

I will bet you would!

If any investors had a genie that could grant them the ability to buy stock at a lower price, Apple is going to be near the top of the list.

How would you feel if you had access to the next Apple and didn’t buy it?

I am assuming you would feel pretty silly.

You can avoid that happening to you.

So, don’t miss another investment opportunity.

You no longer have an excuse to miss out.

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor will allow you to…

  • Discover market-beating stocks;
  • Learn to invest with confidence; and
  • Join a fun community to help you reach your financial goals.

If you are ready to “invest better”…

…the Motley Fool is here to help!

With the Motley Fool Stock Advisor, you will receive:

  • Two new stock picks each month;
  • The Best Buys now (10 timely buys chosen from over 300 stocks);
  • The Starter Stocks (Foundational stock recommendations for new and experienced investors); and
  • Community and investing resources.

As always, the Motley Fool offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all services.

This offers allows you to try it out, invest in their recommendations, learn how they analyze the market, and see how the service works.

If the service is not the right fit you can cancel with no risk if the service is not the right fit for you.

This guarantee is one of the most important and tangible reasons why the Motley Fool is not a scam.

You may love their services, or you may not, but their history and practices are those of a real business.

Did you know…

…the Motley Fool is preparing to release its next round of stock picks?

Remember all of that talk around “missing out” on the next Apple stock?

Here is your chance to avoid just that!

Sign-up risk-free for the Motley Fool today!