Moon’s Money Trades Review | Is It Worth The Cost?

Quick Overview

I have been a member of Moon's Money Trades for a few months now and will share my experience with his service to help you make an informed decision on whether his service is for you. I'll give you an overview of his service, the good and the bad.

So when I first started out I had a $10,000 account to start trading with. At first, it seemed a bit overwhelming trying to get up to speed on everything, but a lot of the material provided by Charlie helped out tremendously.

One thing they also did is they had someone onboard me into the service, which I found extremely helpful since I was just starting out. I also was able to go through a lot of the videos in his online campus, which helped a lot as well get me up to speed on things.

Moon’s Money Trades Review:

Moon’s Money Trades probably has more ways for you to trade and make money than any other stock picking service that I have used.

So what do you get?

  • You get real time, email and text message alerts of new trades, or trades that are being closed out.
  • You get a daily watch list that walks you through names that Charlie is going to be looking at during the day, as well as a rationale for each of them, which I found extremely helpful.
  • You also get the online education campus to get you up to speed on the trading platform, the basics around trading, as well as very detailed videos on his methodology. The training available on his site is really second to none. I have never seen so much valuable information in one place. If you have the time and desire, you can easily go through it at your own pace if you want to.
  • Charlie occasionally runs promotional periods where he also gives a free day pass to one of his VIP Saturday strategy sessions which I was lucky enough to get and found super valuable since you're able to ask Charlie questions directly. If you are able to grab one of those, I highly recommend it!!

So what was most valuable to me?

Obviously the real time text and email alerts were fantastic.

Not only do you get swing trading picks, you also get alerts on his penny stock trade signals.

Charlie is also an extremely skilled penny stock trader, and some of his calls like his TLRY call have moved 2x to 3x in a very short period of time!

Since I work a full time job, but I do have access to my trading account it's perfect for me. As soon as I get a text with a trade opportunity, I can log into my account and place the trade. I know exactly where I should get in and to stop loss in case the trade doesn't work out. Not all of them do, as Charlie is not perfect, but he is very good about laying out a profit target as well as a stop loss to limit any big losses.

So while I'm at my day job, Charlie and his team of traders do the hard work of finding me the best trades based on his criteria of a stock that has the catalyst for a big move.

Keep in mind that even though Charlie gives you his entry price, the market can move pretty fast and when you are able to place your trade, you may not see that price. So in these circumstances, I just wait a few hours and usually the price will retrace for me to get in at his target entry price, or pretty close.

At the same point, Charlie makes a big deal about not chasing a stock if it is not around entry price he gives you. I have lost a lot of money doing that in the past. So it's very refreshing to see someone that is very structured with the types of trades he likes to do.

The Daily Watchlist


I'm also a huge fan of Charlie's daily watch list.

Not only do you get an email that lays out the main names he's looking at as well, as a rationale, Charlie also sends a video of him recording himself in his trading platform going through each of the names he plans on looking at for the upcoming day, as well as a detailed overview for why he's actually looking at those names.

I find it extremely informative, especially since I'm just starting out and trying to get up to speed on things. This is probably one of my favorite things about his service.

Educational Material

Charlie's online education campus is also extremely detailed.

He starts with the absolute basics around trading from the different types of orders all the way up to the advanced nitty gritty stuff around his trading methodology. There is a ton of content on there for someone who really wants to go in detail behind the rationale for a lot of his trading.

Now I'm sure there's a lot of people out there that are just fine getting his trade alerts and executing those trades, but for someone who really wants to understand this themselves, the online education campus is extremely valuable.


At the same time with the service, he provides some bonuses for those who signed up during his various promotional periods. When I signed up a few months back, he was running a deal where you would get access to one of his VIP Mastermind Saturday sessions, where he goes in depth on his methodology live with his students. I found that to be extremely informative as it was a chance for me to ask Charlie questions directly.

Moon's Money Trades retails for $699 a quarter normally, or $2,497 a year. I found it well worth the value I received from the service, and I was lucky enough to make my investment back on one of his first trades.

Charlie also has a higher level service for those who want access to his live trading room. I ended up doing Moon's Money Trades for a few months and happened to really like the way Charlie trades, so I ended up upgrading to his live trading room to see exactly how he does everything every single day. But for someone that is busy during the day and working a full time job, getting his trade alerts by text and email is still extremely valuable. I have done very well with the service and I think you will as well.

The Bottom Line:

The only reason you should sign up for a stock picking service is if they make you more money than they cost.

With Moons Money Trades that has never been an issue for me.

It's not just me staying a member, you will run into quite a few people in the chatroom who have been a member for years.


People are not going to stick around and pay for a service if they're losing money!

If you have done any research on Charlie and his parent company, Prosper Trading, you will see that his members truly love him as well as the other mentors like Scott Bauer, by just looking at a ton of the reviews on Trustpilot.

I have used quite a few services over the years and have not found a better service then Charlie Moon.

He has excellent educational materials to learn from that you can really dive into if you want to have a solid understanding of his methodology.

His customer service is excellent and the onboarding they do when you first start out was extremely helpful especially for me since I was a beginner.

It's a good feeling making money just about every week where I had been losing money for a couple years trying to figure it out on my own.

Charlie service isn't just your typical stock picking service that gives you alerts without the reasons why he is picking the stocks.

Charlie not only tells you why but also references one of the trading videos if you want to understand the technical setup.

When you understand why he is making the trade you will feel much more comfortable taking them. Once you fully understand the technical setups and how to screen for stocks you can go out on your own if you want to.

I have done well with his service and I think you will too.



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