Making a Budget Explained: 4 Psychology Tips

BUDGET. What a gross-sounding word. Just the thought of making a budget sounds painful. Honestly, this is probably why people don’t often learn about (and are so terrible at) budgeting. But as repulsive as the idea of budgeting can be, it’s a necessary and extremely beneficial part of our financial health. Just by clicking on … Read more

Understanding Bid and Ask Prices

How to get the best prices buying and selling stocks – Bid Price and Ask Price Imagine you’re at a flea market. You head over to one of the stands and see a baseball card that you want. And even though you really want it, you won’t pay just anything for it. Instead, you want … Read more

3 Peter Lynch Books That Will Inspire You

Peter Lynch Books   Source: Bloomberg Instead of turning to Carl from your local gym for investing advice, you’ll probably be more successful getting advice from an expert. Who better to turn to than Peter Lynch? Lynch is widely regarded as one of the best investors in the world. Back in 1977, Lynch was given … Read more

10 Financial Gurus You Should Be Taking Advice From

You are the company you keep. If you’re someone who is struggling with their finances, starting to learn about budgets or just want to take charge of your investments then maybe you need to spend more time with people who know how it’s done. Enter the Financial Guru. These personal finance pros know what they’re talking … Read more