Best Stocks To Buy Now

What are the Best Stocks to Buy Now?

As a site that helps 200,000 beginner investors learn how to buy and sell stocks, WallStreetSurvivor gets asked that one question the most.

We can teach you what a stock is.  We can show you why you should buy stocks.  And, we can even give you $100,000 in virtual cash so you can practice trading stocks.  Click here if you want a $100k to practice investing.

But there is one question we get asked all the time…

“What are the best stocks to buy now?”

The management team here at WallStreetSurvivor has over 100 years of investing experience.  And we can honestly tell you that nobody knows for sure what the stock market will do tomorrow.

However, based on our experience, we can tell you where to find the best SOURCES for the best stocks to buy now.

Our favorite source for the last 3 years has been the Motley Fool Stock Advisor service.  Look at the chart below and you  will see why…

Motley Fool 2020 Stock Picks

Take a look at their recent performance…

*** HOT STOCK PICK ALERT  -- September 20, 2020 -- ***

Four (4) of this year's Motley Fool Stock Picks Have Already DOUBLED and ONE of those has QUADRUPLED in just 8 Months! ****

We have been tracking ALL of the Motley Fool stock picks since January 2016. That's almost 5 years, 56 months and 113 stock picks. As of Friday, September 18, 2020, four of their eighteen stocks picks from 2020 have already doubled (SHOP , ZM, TSLA and ZM (they re-recommended ZM)) and one of those has quadrupled (TSLA)--all in just the first 8 months of 2020. In addition, 7 of their 2019, 9 of their 2018, 9 of their 2016 and 13 of their 2016 picks have also doubled. Best of all, over the last 5 years the average stock pick is up 143%. That beats the SP500 by an average of 99%. And that's even accounting for all of this COVID mess that has wreaked havoc on most stocks. BUT, the Fool has done so well because they have quickly identified stocks this year that will perform well in the post-COVID world. THAT is how the Fool consistently does so well--they adapt and constantly pick stocks before everyone else realizes the opportunities.
  • Zoom Video (ZM) – April 16, 2020 pick and it is already up 146%
  • Shopify (SHOP) – April 2, 2020 pick and it is already up 181%
  • Zoom Video (ZM) – March 19, 2020 pick re-recommended and it is already up 199%
  • DexCom (DXCM) picked Feb 20, 2020 right before the market crashed and it is still up 32%
  • Tesla (TSLA) picked January 2, 2020 before the crash and it is up 386% 
  • HubSpot (HUBS) picked December 5, 2019 and it is up 82%
  • Netflix (NFLX) picked November 21, 2019 and it is up 66%
  • Trade Desk (TTD) picked November 11, 2019 and up 129%
  • Zoom Video originally picked Oct 3 and it is up 381%
  • SolarEdge (SEDG) picked September 19, 2019 and it is up 117%
Now, no one can guarantee that their next picks will be as strong, but our 5 years of experience has been super profitable. They also claim that since inception, their average pick is up 529% and now we believe them. Many analysts are saying that we have passed the bottom of this COVID crisis and "certain" stocks will recover quickly and be the new leaders. So make sure you have the right stocks in your portfolio.

Normally the Fool service is priced at $199 per year but they are currently offering it for just $99/year if you click this link

Updated as of April 11, 2021 -- The Motley Fool Stock Advisor did it again and was the Best Stock Newsletter of 2020--that's now four years in a row. If you were a Motley Fool subscriber last year you have a 78% return and 20 of those 24 stock picks were profitable. That includes having FIVE of those stocks that have now at least DOUBLED! Their top performer was TESLA which is now up 687% since they recommended it in January 2020. In addition, their 2019 stock picks were awesome too and they are now up 115% compared to SP500's 47%; and their 2018 picks are up 209% (SP's 58%). Now for 2021, with a new President and a COVID vaccine, most analysts expect the market to continue up, but make sure you have the right stocks in your portfolio so you can CRUSH THE MARKET like their last 5 years of stock picks have done!

In fact, over the last 5 years the average Motley Fool stock pick has almost tripled, being up 192%! This time period covers the 2016 election, the Trump administration, the China trade negotiation, COVID, and now the Motley Fool is continuing their excellent stock picks with one of their 2021 stock picks already up 23%. Don't miss out on the Motley Fool's next stock pick.  Here is their schedule for the next few weeks:

  • April 15, 2021 - David's New Stock Recommendation
  • April 22, 2021 - David's List of 5 Best Stocks to Buy Now List
  • May 6, 2021 - Tom's New Stock Recommendation
  • May 13, 2021 - Tom's List of 5 Best Stocks to Buy Now

FYI--Their October and November picks are already up 92%, 18%, 29% and 41%. And remember, if you are not impressed, you can always cancel within 30 days and get a full refund.

Try it now for just $19 and you will also receive their just released list of Top 10 Stocks To Buy Right Now

and you will get their next 2 stock picks.

How to Find the Best Stocks to Buy Now

There are probably 10,000 websites out there that will tell you what stocks they think you should buy now and how much those stocks will go up.

Sorry, but after my 35 years of investing, I have learned to look at data and not sales pitches to figure out what stocks to buy.

For my 200,000 readers and users of my WallStreetSurvivor blog, I am going to condense the facts and my experiences down into a few steps.

Here are the facts you should know when you are looking for the best stocks to buy.

1.  Buy an SP500 Index ETF like SPY, IVV and VOO.

The goal of every stock investor is to make money.  More specifically, the goal is to try and outperform the market overall.

The first stock everyone should buy is an ETF that tries to replicate the market overall.  An ETF is an “exchange traded fund” that trades like a stock but actually represents a basket or group of stocks.  Don't get bogged down here, keep reading.

If you are paying attention, you are probably wondering why I said to buy an ETF that replicates the market when the goal is to outperform the market. The answer is that you need a solid base in your portfolio to get you started.  Then as you start investing and finding what works for you, you slowly shift money out of those ETFs and into specific stocks.

The point is to just get you invested in the market quickly because over the long term, the stock market is the best place to invest!

We like to use the SP500 Index as the benchmark for the market.  So the most popular SP500 ETFs are SPY, IVV and VOO.  If you are just getting started in the market, you should start buying one of these.  We like the IVV slightly better.  Here is an article to read more about investing in SP500 ETFs.

Let's say you can save $1000 a month.   And that you don't plan on needing that money for at least the next 5 years.  The way to get started is to buy $1000 of the IVV the first month.  Then the next month divide it among 2 stocks, then the next month buy $1000 of the IVV, etc.

2.  Subscribe to the Top Performing Stock Newsletter to Get the Best Stocks To Buy

Over the years, we have subscribed to dozens of stock newsletters and purchased many software tools that all promised to help us find the best stocks to buy today.

Our experience was that most of them were just OK.  After all, the stock market tends to go up over time, so randomly picking stocks should go up over time too.

But our experience also taught something that is very important.  There are very few stock recommendation newsletters that consistently were able to pick stocks that year over year went up.  And most importantly, went up more than the markets did overall.

Our favorite (ie, BEST PERFORMING) stock newsletter is called the Motley Fool Stock Advisor.  They typically release about 2 new stock recommendations each month, so that is about 24 a year.

It is our favorite because (All calculations below are based on Friday, September 18, 2020 closing prices.):

  •  Over the last 3 years 88% of their stock picks have gone up and the average return of ALL of their stock picks is 23% BETTER THAN the market over the same time period.
    • How did they manage to beat the market by at least 23% each of the last 3 years?  It is because they gave a great history of recommending a few stocks that double and triple each year, as you can see below.
    • Their recent stock picks over the last year include:
      • OKTA which is up 215% since they recommended it in January 2018
      • PAYC which is up 107% since they recommended it January 2018
      • SHOP which is up 74% since they recommended it April 2018
      • WIX which is up 32% since they recommended it June 2018
      • ZS which is up 61% since they recommended it November 2018
      • ZBRA which is up 30% since they recommended it November 2018
      • TWLO which is up 65% since they recommended it January 2019
      • NTDOY which is up 24% since they recommended it February 2019
      • TWLO which is up 30% since they re-recommended in in March 2019
      • Their April 2019 picks up are 12 and 5%.  ( I can't tell you those tickers just yet.)
  • There is one thing YOU MUST KNOW about their service.  There is definitely a “Fool Effect” when they release a new stock recommendations.  Within the first 2 hours of them releasing a recommendation, the stock typically goes up $2 or $3.  So if you want to get the best returns possible, you should subscribe and be ready to buy the recommended stocks as soon as you get the alert.
  • The Motley Fool just lowered the price of this newsletter and released their Top 10 Stocks To Buy Right Now.
  • You can …
  • Normally it is $199 a year to get 24 new real-time stocks picks and access to their research of ALL OF THEIR picks.
  • They have a 30 day, money back guarantee.  So if you are happy, you can get your money back.  This is real company that really So if you want to get the BEST STOCK PICKS NOW, you should consider subscribing to this newsletter.

3.  Make Sure You Trade Commission Free

If you know you are going to be making at least 2 stock trades a month, then make sure you are trading commission free.

The brokerage industry is so competitive these days that the brokers always have offers to trade commission free or get cash bonuses.  Look, it will take you 10 minutes to open a new brokerage account and if you can save a few hundred dollars in commission, it is well worth it.

Here is a site that has the best review of stock brokers and their commission free offers.  Visit this site and open a new brokerage account.

If you already have a brokerage account, then consider switching to save on commissions.

Why pay commission when you don't have to.


Making money in the stock market is easier than most people think.  All you have to do is get started the right way.

Open a brokerage account that doesn't charge commission.

Subscribe to a reputable stock newsletter like the Motley Fool's Stock Advisor.

And remember to invest the same amount of cash each month so that you ease into the market.  This is called dollar cost averaging.

Start off with a large percentage of your money in an SP500 ETF.

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