Starter Guides

While Wall Street Survivor does offer in-depth courses on all these topics (and more!), these basic starter guides are a great place to...well...start.


What is a bond? How do bonds work?
Bonds are seldom as sexy as those wild-ride shares, but they're reliable money-makers. Learn about bonds and how to match them to your personal investing style.
How to Buy Bonds?
Bonds may be lower risk, but they are not risk-free. You should research bondsjust as you would stocks before purchasing them. Learn how and where to buy bonds.
The Bond Market
The bond market is where participants can issue new debt or buy and sell debt securities to provide long-term funding for public and private expenditures
Bond Index
A bond index is a method of measuring the value of a section of the bond market. Investors use it to describe the market and compare the return on investments
Bond quotes
A bond quote is the price at which a bond is trading. It’s expressed as a percentage of par value. A bond quote above 100 means the bond is trading above par.
bond rates, yields and pricing
Many new investors are surprised to learn that a bond's price fluctuates and changes on a daily basis, just like that of any other publicly-traded security.
bond calculators
A bond calculator measures the present value of a bond's cash flow (its futureinterest payments), and par value (the bond's value upon maturity).
bond premiums
A bond selling at premium is trading above its par value. It's considered premium when it offers a coupon rate higher than its prevailing interest rates


What are mutual funds?
A mutual fund pools money from a bunch of investors to purchase securities. Mutual funds come with advantages and disadvantages – learn the ins and outs here.
How do Mutual Funds work?
Investments are managed by a portfolio manager – they decide when to buy and sell investments. Learn about how mutual funds work and how to make money off them.
Advantages and Disadvantages?
Thinking of investing in mutual funds? It’s critical you know the advantages and disadvantages of investing in a mutual fund over a single stock.
How to buy Mutual Funds?
Thinking about investing but not sure how to buy mutual funds? The selection process is actually easier than you think. Learn how and where to buy mutual funds
Mutual Funds Ratings
Need a quick-and-dirty opinion on a fund? Get familiar with mutual funds ratings. It's important to know how a fund has performed before investing in it.
Compare Mutual Funds
Comparing mutual funds requires careful examination. To get the full picture, it's important to look at the fund's performance over a period of time.
Types of Mutual Funds
There are so many different types of mutual funds to choose from. Find out which mutual fund types are best suited to your personal investing style.


What are Penny Stocks and How Do They Work?
Penny stocks may sound enticing but do you know what penny stock are and how they work? Find out if these riskier investments are right for your portfolio.
Penny Stock Market?
The penny stock market is significantly different from that of regular stocks. Before investing in them, find out more about how the market works.
How to Find Penny Stocks?
There is no shortage of places that offer a shopping cart full of penny stocks. Finding them is easy, picking the right ones is the tough part.
How to Buy Penny Stocks?
The process of buying penny stocks is different from that of normal stocks. Find out details on how to carry out these transactions.
How to Trade and Invest in Penny Stocks?
Learn how to trade in the penny stock market and arm yourself with these essential tips to increase your chances of success.
Penny Stock Brokers?
Understanding the penny stock broker and their main features is what allows you to choose the best broker to suit your needs.


How To Buy Stocks?
Buying stocks can be intimidating, learn the best tips and practices you need to apply when purchasing these investments.
How To Read Stocks?
The stock quote gives plenty of insight into the company. Understand how to read this information in order to make better purchase decisions.
Investment Strategies?
Investment strategies is the game plan to your portfolio. Use the one that's right for you and significantly increase your chances of success.
Short Selling?
Short selling can be an attractive strategy to profit from during market downturns - however not without some risk attached.
Stock Charts?
Write Technical analysis is an alternative investing strategy to fundamental analysis and if used correctly can be especially effective.
Stock Brokers?
Picking the right stockbroker is as important as picking the right stocks. Ensure you conduct the proper research.
What Are Stocks And How Do They Work?
Learning about stocks and how they work is essential to achieving strong investment returns and will allow for significant financial advantage.
What Stocks To Buy?
Write With so many stocks to buy out there, it is important to make sure you purchase the right stocks that fit your portfolio.