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Morning Brew Review

If you haven’t heard of the Morning Brew by now, where have you been?!

Just kidding; but we do want to fill you in if you aren’t already in-the-know.

Today we will be reviewing the Morning Brew, one of the most popular daily email newsletters out there.

What is the Morning Brew?

The Morning Brew is a New York City-based media company that made its name by starting a free, self-named email newsletter that gets delivered to your inbox every morning before work.

Since then, the Morning Brew has launched new newsletters as well as podcasts.

The Morning Brew was co founded by Alex Lieberman and Austin Rief in 2015 at the University of Michigan.

It now has over 4 million subscribers and about 100 employees. 

What’s In the Morning Brew Newsletter?

These are some of the sections you’ll see in every Morning Brew email.


The Markets section appears at the top of every Morning Brew email.

This section shows you how the three major stock indices, the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield, and Bitcoin performed for the past day.

You’ll also see the performance of a popular company or commodity at the bottom of this section – this one changes every day. 

Under the daily gain and loss report, you’ll see a summary of what happened overall in the market.

There will also be a short commentary on why it happened or how it’s affecting other parts of the economy. 


The World section includes headlines regarding geopolitical issues or stories from the U.S. with global implications.

This section might give an update on a major world conflict, break the news on a move made by a large multinational corporation, or talk about what the world’s political leaders are doing.

Grab Bag (Key Performance Indicators)

The Grab Bag is one of our favorite sections.

This section gives you quick links to and short descriptions of three different stories, organized by:

Stat: An interesting statistic like the number of fans at a recent sporting event or an uptick in streaming of a particular song or artist.

Quote: A recent sound byte (usually from someone famous) and why it was said.

Read: A catchy headline with a link to an interesting story.

Brew’s Bets

This section contains an assortment of recommendations from the Morning Brew team.

The recommendations might be for a documentary, a comedy special, a new product, or a piece of life advice.

Some of these recommendations are paid advertisements from Morning Brew’s partners, while others are simply products or entertainment that the team finds interesting.

What Else is Brewing

The What Else is Brewing section gives you some other stories to check out if you decide you’re not done reading the news yet.

Rather than reserving an entire section for one story, What Else is Brewing just lists a few headlines and gives a brief description of each story.

These stories are usually smaller or more random than their counterparts that appear earlier in the email. 

From the Crew

Sometimes you’ll see a section called From the Crew at the bottom of the Morning Brew newsletter.

This is the Morning Brew’s place to advertise some of their other products and events.

Here you can find links to the Morning Brew’s other newsletters, podcasts, and even special events like the Leadership Accelerator virtual cohort.


At the bottom of every Morning Brew email, you’ll see a game or two that you can play to round out your reading experience.

The games range in type and difficulty; there have been crossword puzzles, spelling bees, word games, and more.

Our favorite Morning Brew game is one where they list several headlines and ask you to guess which one is fake – we’ve seen some crazy headlines!

Other Sections

The sections listed above are the sections you’ll see in just about every email. But it doesn’t end there! Several sections of every email rotate every day.

You’ll see sections like:

Crypto: an update on the world of cryptocurrency, including spikes, drops, and news.

Economy: news on key indicators and predictors as well as the overall state of the economy.

Labor: headlines on joblessness, shortages, or jumps in applications for a particular industry.

Health: what’s going on in the medical field as well as updates on drug and pharmaceutical laws.

Education: Which schools around the world are performing well and what moves they’re making.

Art: Sale prices and important stories in the world of the arts.

Entertainment: What’s going on in the lives of celebrities, plus updates on new movies, TV shows, and the like.

Work: Interesting reports on salaries and what industries are hot.

Calendar: Holidays, traditions, and upcoming events.

You’ll also see ads from some of the Morning Brew’s partners scattered throughout each newsletter.

When you click on these links or buy the products, Morning Brew will earn a commission.

The company is very good about letting the reader know when a section of the email is an ad; you’ll see a headline such as “Sponsored” or “Together With…”

Customer Service:

Email at


What You Get:
  • Daily Newsletter Delivered to Your Email
  • Other Business & Finance Newsletters
  • Weekly Podcasts
Our Favorite Morning Brew Products:
  • The Original Newsletter
  • “Impostors” Podcast with Alex Lieberman
Morning Brew Pricing:
  • The Brew is absolutely FREE!
  • Merch available for purchase on the website

Other Products

The Morning Brew newsletter isn’t the Brew’s only product on the market. They also offer a selection of other email newsletters and podcasts.


Money Scoop: Money Scoop comes out three times a week. It contains reports on the economy, investing updates, and tips on things like personal finance and Excel skills.

Sidekick: Side hustle tips, career advice, and updates on what jobs are raking in the cash.

Money with Katie: This weekly email contains personal finance advice, budgeting tips, and tax strategies. 


Business Casual: Business Casual comes out twice a week. Each episode is a conversation between the hosts (Nora Ali and Scott Rogowski) and an entrepreneur or business expert.

The Money with Katie Show: This podcast, along with Katie’s newsletter, is filled with finance and tax tips.

Founder’s Journal: The Founder’s Journal is Alex Lieberman’s very own “audio diary” where he gives tips for building and maintaining your own business.

Imposters: This is another podcast from Alex Lieberman. Every episode is an interview with Alex and a big name in business, entertainment, or sports.

How Does the Morning Brew Make Money?

The Morning Brew makes most of its money through ads. They also sell merch which you can buy on their website.

Is the Morning Brew Worth It?

Well, the Brew is 100% FREE for subscribers. So yes – the Morning Brew is worth it!

I suppose the better question is: is the Morning Brew worth your time?

And again, our answer is a resounding yes; the Morning Brew is a great use of a couple minutes of your time every morning.

We at Wall Street Survivor have been reading Morning Brew for years, and we’re much better for it. It keeps us up to date on the going-ons of the world!

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been wanting to stay up to date on politics, the economy, or random news, there’s no better time to start than right now.

We hope our Morning Brew review has helped you learn more about the Brew and its various products.

The Morning Brew is the best place to get your daily dose of news, and it only takes a few minutes a day!