Finviz Review – Is it the best stock screener?

Are you looking to start trading stocks? Or perhaps you already trade stocks? This Finviz review is for you.

Whatever the case may be, you could probably use some help because…

…there are thousands of stocks in the world!

That is far too many for one person to sort through alone. How can one compete against these numbers?

So, consider this…

If you invested $1,000 in Amazon’s IPO, you would own 50 shares today.

And how much would those 50 shares be worth today?

They would be worth somewhere around $82,000!

Pretty good, right?

But how could you have ever known to invest in Amazon in the first place?

Hint: You wouldn’t have!

Investing in Amazon early (and preferably often) would have been like winning the lottery.

But the sheer volume of stocks on the market make it nearly impossible to uncover winning stocks like Amazon. As such, the amount of information readily available to investors and traders is both a blessing and a curse.

It is easy to get lost in the insane amount of information being thrown at investors today.

And, you can get so lost that you lose sight of your primary goal…

…and that goal is to make money!

It is up to YOU to cover as much information as possible and as efficiently as possible. So, how do you make money without wasting hours upon hours of valuable time?

It sounds like you sir (or ma’am), need a stock screener.

Stock screeners are powerful tools that even the most seasoned investors and traders rely on.

Never heard of a stock screener?

Do not worry, we have got you covered…

What is a stock screener?

Stock screeners narrow down the list of stocks that you are researching.

Users can filter stocks based on user-defined metrics. Thus, stock screeners allow users to select securities that fit a particular profile or set criteria.

As more filters are applied, the stock screener displays fewer stocks.

Now, you can find the stocks you are looking for in a fraction of the time and make better decisions. Stock screeners allow investors and traders to review hundreds of shares in a very short period.

For example, you can screen stocks by metrics like:

  • Price
  • Market capitalization
  • Price-to-earnings
  • Dividend yield
  • And many more…

Many investors use stock screeners to find stocks that are likely to perform well over time.

A stock screener can also help investors execute various strategies. Trading strategies are created with a set of rules that an investor sets. These rules could include volume of trade entries, filters on stocks, certain price triggers, and more.

However, there are many stock screeners to choose from. So, which one is best?

Choosing a stock screener is a daunting task, especially if you are planning to pay for one.

But you are in luck…

…because we are on a quest to find the best stock screener for you!

Are you prepared to join us?


Because we have a good one to share with you today. What is Finviz?

What Is Finviz?, otherwise known as Financial Visualization, is a free tool that provides:

  • Market maps
  • Advanced stock screeners
  • Analysis tools

The mission of Finviz is “to provide leading financial research, analysis, and visualization.”

The website does an excellent job summarizing a large volume of information into charts and maps that can be easily understood.

Each of these tools comes in a highly visual, easy to use format.

Finviz is one of the most popular stock screen available to investors today. Finviz is a stock screener and trading tool used for creating financial displays.

Professional traders frequently use this platform to save time because Finviz allows traders and investors to quickly screen and find stocks based on set criteria.

The company also provides tools that enable users to get an overview of what is happening in the market.

Oh, and did we mention…

registering with Finviz is 100% free.

Finviz is best for…

  • Beginner investors/traders
  • Experiences investors/traders
  • Anyone that wants to learn more about the stock market

Finviz Features and Services

When you visit the Finviz homepage, you will see a general overview of the stock market. Finviz splits the data into candlestick charts under DOW, NASDAQ, and S&P 500.

These charts give users a quick look at how the global market is performing.

Under these charts, several tables that list the following:

  • Top gainers
  • New high
  • Overbought
  • Top losers
  • New low
  • Oversold
  • News
  • Earnings release

You can also see tables listing information on insider trading, top insider trading, futures, and forex bonds.

If you are a guest, all stock quotes on the home page are delayed 15 minutes for NASDAQ and 20 minutes for AMEX and NYSE.

You can gain a lot of market insight by merely visiting the Finviz site…

…but registering for an account will give you so much more!

Below you will find more information on Finviz’s menu layout and features.

Main Menu

The main menu includes the following items:


This feature is where Finviz adds the most value and sets itself apart from the competition.

Traders and investors can filter for stocks based on specific criteria…

…and Finviz will return every stock that fits that criteria.

Users have control of how to scan for specific stocks. You can set criteria based on things like price, beta, candlestick pattern, market cap, sector, and more.

To give you a better idea, filters include the following categories:

  • Descriptive filters. Market cap, industry, volume, etc.
  • Fundamental filters. P/E, Price/Cash, EPS, Quick Ratio, etc.
  • Technical filters. 20-day simple moving average, RSI, ATR, pattern, etc.

As such, this level of flexibility makes this tool great for most styles of investing. You can also create custom scans that users can save. You will save hours using this feature compared to manual chart scanning.

Doing so will enable you to make quicker buy/sell decisions with this information.


This page gives you a performance snapshot of all industries.

Users can filter the data by ‘Group’ and ‘Order.’

Under Group, you can select one of the following options:

  • Sector
  • Industry
  • Country
  • Market capitalization

There are stock performance displays for periods ranging from 1 day to 1 year.

The Groups page also gives users an idea of how money is moving from one part of the market to another over short, medium, and long-term periods.

You can also view the data in tabular form, Bar chart, charts or grid view.

Insider Sales Tracking

This section gives users the latest insider trading, top insider trading, or the top 10% owner trading. You can use the latest insider transactions to get ahead of potential price changes.

How does it work?

When insiders of a company start selling or buying a stock…

…you don’t want to be on the wrong side of those trades.

Finviz provides information on insider trading so that you are never left behind.

The ‘Insider’ tab also gives you the value, whether it was a buy or sell, the number of shares, and who made the transaction.

The data in this section contains the following tabs:

  • Ticker
  • Owner
  • Relationship
  • Date
  • Transaction
  • Cost
  • Shares
  • Value
  • Shares Total

You can also filter the data by “All Transactions,” “Buy Transactions,” and “Sale Transactions.”


You need to be on top of the latest news in the market to be a successful investor.

The bottom line is…

…you will not be successful without timely access to the most important news.

Finviz offers a news section that gives short, up-to-date headlines of the latest news. This news sources from outlets like:

  • Bloomberg
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Marketwatch
  • CNBC

There are also featured blogs like Vantage Point Trading and Seeking Alpha.

The best part about this feature is that…

…you have the option to sort the news by source or time.

The ability to sort news will allow you to find the information that you are looking for.

Heat Maps

Heat Maps are another unique feature offered by Finviz. These maps allow users to browse and analyze large amounts of market data.

You can see a broad overview of the market as a whole…

…or view stock maps of specific groups, countries, sectors, exchanges, or industries.

Once you find what you are looking for, you can conduct further analysis. The map divides into several categories, including:

  • Technology
  • Services
  • Basic Materials
  • Financial
  • Consumer Goods
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial Goods

You can select the map type, data set, and locate a ticker on the map. You can also personalize the look of your maps.

Charts and Quotes

All users have access to delayed charts and quotes for free and without registering.


Under the ‘Portfolio’ menu, you will find your current list of assets. However, this feature is only available to (free) registered users.

In this section, users can construct and save a Finviz portfolio by hypothetically buying and selling shares over a specified time and price.


This section offers a private discussion platform where investors and traders can interact with one another. Users must be registered and can create their own channel or subscribe to other people’s channels.


Users can access the store, which has a summary of:

  • Brokers
  • Research sites
  • Magazines
  • Hardware and software
  • Trading data
  • Financial events


You can view the Futures market under this link to get an idea of what is happening in the market.

This tab includes information like which contracts are up or down, and by how much.

Users can access the ‘Quotes’ section to view a color-coded map.

Under ‘Performance,’ users can see the data as a bar chart. Under ‘Charts,’ the data can be viewed as a candlestick chart.

The Forex and Cryptocurrency sections work very similarly to this section.


Very similar to the ‘Futures’ tab which provides a snapshot of how major currencies are moving.

There is also a “relative” performance chart to show which currencies are outperforming or underperforming.


The Backtest section is designed to help users make better decisions and maximize returns.

This feature is one of many available exclusively to Finviz elite review users.

Finviz Pricing

So, how much does Finviz cost? A billion dollars?!

No. That is just plain ridiculous!

In fact, Finviz is FREE to anyone who wants to use the platform.

But before you go and sign up…

…there are three types of membership plans.

Those membership plans include:

  • Free
  • Registered Free
  • Elite

But what are the differences? Is Finviz subscription worth it? I am glad that you asked.

As a guest, you can access all the menus available on the Finviz website.

The only problem is…

…as a guest, you are very limited in what you can use.

Since these limitations will limit your ability to use Finviz effectively, we strongly recommend registering for a free account.

The free plan gives you access to delayed maps, screening, quotes, and charts. No sign-up required!

The registered free plan requires you to register beforehand. This plan gives you access to:

  • Daily charts
  • Up to 50 screener presets
  • Limited screener results
  • Portfolio tickers

Is Finviz Elite worth it?  The elite plan offers everything included above, along with these features:

  • Advanced charts
  • Up to 100 screener presets
  • Backtests
  • Real-time maps
  • E-mail alerts on news, prices, and ratings

This plan comes with even more features that we could not fit into this blog!

What is Finviz pricing?  You can sign-up for the elite plan for $39.50 per month or $299.50 annually. (Very reasonable for serious traders)

Customer Service

Who owns Finviz?  Users can get in touch with Finviz via the Contact page listed at the very bottom of every page.

Simply enter your name, e-mail, and message and the customer support team will get back to you.

There is also a ‘Help’ page available which answers common questions on topics like:

  • Registration
  • Upgrading your account
  • Using the analysis tools

The Help page can be accessed in the upper right-hand corner of the website. Everything that you could ever want to know is located on this page.

If you are unsure about any of the terminology used in this blog post – visit the help section for more information.

Sign-up for Finviz

Signing up for Finviz is very easy. You can register for Finviz by entering the following information:

  • Your e-mail
  • Your password
  • Confirm password

You will receive a confirmation e-mail (so use an active e-mail address).

From there you can follow the link and confirm your account!

The entire free registration process takes less than a minute and you can upgrade later, if desired.

What we love about Finviz

Great for anyone. This platform is an excellent option for new and professional traders/investors.

Time-saving and decision-making. Allows users to cover more information in a short period of time which leads to better decision-making.

Free service. Offers very useful features, even for non-registered users.

User-friendly. This platform is very intuitive, straightforward, and easy to use.

30-day money back guarantee. You can sign-up completely risk-free!

What we don’t love about Finviz

Information overload. The sheer volume of information can be overwhelming for new investors.

Annoying advertisements. If you are a free user, prepare to get bombarded with ads.

Finviz Review Conclusion. Is it right for you?

So, let’s recap everything that we have learned today in this Finviz stock screener review.  What is Finviz good for?:

  1. You DON’T want to miss out on buying the next Amazon
  2. A stock screener is used to filter stocks based on user-defined metrics
  3. Finviz is one of the top stock screeners in the market

What else is there to know?

Finviz gives users access to market information in a highly visual and easy to use format.

This is the reason we really like Finviz…

…it is a powerful tool that is also easy to use.

This stock screener offers excellent value for the cost (remember: it is free).

The free and free registered plans are great options for new traders not prepared for the financial commitment. And the elite plan comes with everything that you could ever ask for in a stock screener.

While most tools are available to free users – registration is required to use many of these features – so be sure to register!

If you are a new trader, this is an excellent opportunity to see what stock screeners are all about.

Not only do top investment banks and hedge funds use Finviz, but penny stock traders on Robinhood do, too!

In fact, Finviz may be the only stock screener that you will ever need.

Ready to sign-up for Finviz? Click here.