Robinhood IRA Review: Is Robinhood Retirement Safe and Insured?

The mobile-first brokerage and (Reddit-legendary) stock trading platform Robinhood recently launched a product that no one saw coming: Robinhood brand IRAs. It was a peculiar choice given Robinhood’s history as the number one choice for /r/wallstreetbets-style meme trading and poorly thought out options trades, but Robinhood’s gone and done it anyway. There’s no shortage of … Read more

Seeking Alpha vs Morningstar: What Is the Best Stock Research Tool?

Seeking Alpha and Morningstar are two of the bigger names among the legions of sites that provide data, charts, and analysis for investors looking to build and better their portfolios. Sure, some services have more impressive charting tools or cover more types of securities or use AI to find trading opportunities, but there’s a very … Read more

Zacks Home Run Investor Review: Zacks Home Run Investor Performance

The Holy Grail of investing is as obvious as it is elusive: It’s a winning formula for managing investments that returns above-market returns year after year. It’s the kind of pursuit that seems perfectly feasible for new investors fresh out of Finance 101 classes armed with basic formulas and a half-read copy of Security Analysis… … Read more

Is Robinhood Gold Worth It? Is Robinhood Gold Safe to Use?

Robinhood is a mobile-first stock and ETF trading platform that’s made a name for itself as a straightforward yet surprisingly powerful investing tool. You, like millions of other users, may already be familiar with Robinhood’s free version, but you may not be aware that they offer a paid membership called Robinhood Gold.  So what is … Read more

Benzinga Pro Review: Is it Worth It?

There are tons and tons of services out there that promise the best research, the best advice, the best proprietary algorithms and advice, and the best investment tools that can do everything but tuck you into bed at night. Some of them are reasonably priced, but a lot of these services seem to think that … Read more

Benzinga Review

The world of finance and investing is one of high stakes and constant change. Prices rise and fall, companies come and go. Investing used to be the exclusive purview of small groups of pinstriped men with slicked-back hair and BMWs they paid for by selling junk stocks to rubes and charging exorbitant fees to manage … Read more

How to Research Mutual Funds

So now you know a bit about mutual funds: what they are, how they work, how they can benefit your portfolio, and how they can sometimes charge fees that border on the absurd. But don’t go thinking you’re a mutual fund master just yet. There’s a lot of daylight between knowing the basics of mutual … Read more

Intro to Mutual Funds

You’ve probably heard the term “mutual fund” mentioned on CNBC or thrown around by one of your more financially savvy friends at some point. You know they have something to do with finance, but that’s about it. In this intro to mutual funds, we’ll break it down for you. So What the Heck Are Mutual … Read more