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Invest Like The Street Review: Is It Legit?

Looking to break into Investment Banking, Private Equity, Asset Management, etc?

I think we all know how competitive those types of jobs are to land.

That’s why we were intrigued when we stumbled upon the “Invest Like The Street Analyst Program” recently.

Typically, most Wall Street bound students will participate in various modeling bootcamps or online programs like Wall Street Prep or BIWS to get their technical skills up to par for interviews.

Yet, while the content may be great, programs like those don’t have much impact on students actually landing interviews.

Why? We all know relevant experience is key.

What intrigued us about Invest Like The Street was it’s claim to be structured like an internship, not a class, to give students the relevant experience needed to land internships at some of these top firms.

After seeing a good amount of positive reviews online, we decided to dig a bit further

The Combination Of A Class & An Internship

We ended up reaching out to the program’s founder Todd Massedge, a former buy-side analyst who created the program after seeing the need for something that could give students more relevant experience to better qualify for jobs.

According to Todd:

“Wall Street is totally backwards. Most entry-level investment banking jobs and even internships require a year of experience. How the hell are students supposed to get that so early?”

“The closest thing I ever saw to relevant experience that Wall Street firms look for is student-run investment funds. You get a couple million dollars of the school’s money to invest. That’s a serious job and legit real world experience. I participated in one during my college years, and once I added it on my resume, all these companies were 10x more interested in me.”

“I took that concept added in work related to Investment Banking, Private Equity, Asset Management, etc and that’s how the program was born”

Todd gave us access to the program so we can take a better look.

Each student is paired up with a mentor (either Todd or one of his 2 other partners) and assigned two to three companies they will complete a variety of assignments on throughout the program.

For example, if a student goes through a lesson such as learning how to build a LBO model, after they’ve gone through, their mentor will ask them to build a LBO for one of the companies they were assigned. Once completed, they’ll submit their work for feedback, and go back and forth with their mentor until it is done properly.

It’s some pretty serious 1-on-1 mentoring for students, and this type of work with their mentor allows students to add the program on their resume as experience.

According to Todd:

“Our students have told us companies love seeing the program on their resume. While it’s not pure internship experience, companies are able to see the work and experience students completed during the program, and it allows students to show these companies ‘Hey, I already know how to do the work for this job!’”

“It’s the best way for students to differentiate themselves from their peers.”

Job Hunting And Guidance

Another interesting claim about the program, is how each mentor helps students throughout the process of landing a job or internship.

This includes everything from resume editing, networking help (finding people to reach / writing cold emails), and even interview prep.

According to Todd:

“The reason we do this for students is because the whole point of them participating in the program isn’t just to learn all this fancy modeling. They want money. They want a job. We want them to be able to take what they learned and convert it into a job. That’s the best social proof for us”

The reviews we saw on Trustpilot tend to concur, with a lot of students attributing their success to the program and the mentorship they received.


Our Rating: 9 / 10

While we certainly agree courses like Wall Street Prep and BIWS have solid content, we’d give the thumbs up here to the Invest Like The Street Program.

Getting both experience to put on your resume and a 1-on-1 mentor to help you land a job seems like a no brainer when you’re pretty much paying the same amount you would for either WSP or BIWS.

We give the Invest Like The Street Program a 9 out of 10, mainly because it’s less established than the aforementioned two.

If you’re looking to get some relevant experience on your resume and someone to help you out the whole time, ILTS is definitely work a look.

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