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Create a Free Contest on Wall Street Survivor

Wall Street Survivors, did you know you could invite your friends and family to join your own private contests? That’s right, gather your inner circle and stir up some competition! See which of your friends like to take risks and which ones prefer to play it safe, all while testing out your own investment strategies. 

Launch your own contest today and show your friends how savvy an investor you can be!

WSS contests are the perfect way to experiment with trading strategies, all without endangering your savings! Compete with anyone you share the registration link with, and then gather together to discuss why your strategies are the best! Your friends will appreciate being schooled by a pro, and losing no real money in the process.

WSS contests are open to all! Compete with your extended family, your friends, your coworkers, your neighbors, or even just someone you’d like to have a win over. Whether you’re competing with newbies or veteran investors, there is something for everyone to learn! Be the reason those around you become more financially savvy and invite them to compete today!

Trade on margin 

Customize your contest and allow margin trading. You’ll get to invest even after spending all your cash. Starting cash can go as high as $100 million, so go crazy!

Day Trading

How good are your technical analysis skills? Hone your active trading techniques by allowing day trading on your next contest. Practice your self-discipline on virtual money so that you don’t let your emotions get in the way when you attempt intraday trading in your real portfolio.

Short Selling

Develop a keen sense for this advanced trading technique to hedge against long positions. Imagine your returns when you start to predict the right times to short sell?

Invest in Cryptos!

Are you and your friends crypto curious, but don’t know where to start? Why not set-up a contest exclusively to trade cryptos. You can do that on WSS! Join the craze and learn more about how to invest in this new space without the hassle.

Ready to learn more about stock trading? Learn more here about what stocks are and how they can help you achieve long-term investment returns. 

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