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About Wall Street Survivor

Wall Street Survivor launched in 2007 to make investing fun, engaging and risk free. We relaunched in 2013 with a much greater to purpose: to provide an interactive forum for novice financial education. 83% of American’s feel uncomfortable about their retirement, we’re trying to change that.

Wall Street Survivor is on a mission to demystify investing and personal finance through interactive and comprehensive education.

Jargon-free courses, paired with the web’s best simulator, allow people to absorb information and trade stocks at the same time, completely risk free. Jumping head first into the stock market can be scary. Wall Street Survivor turns that fear into fun, while preparing people for a successful financial future.

Wall Street Survivor is financial education for Web 2.0. We don’t throw random definitions at you, but instead take you from point A to point B. From not knowing anything about the stock market to gaining the confidence to jump in and invest on your own.